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I am absolutely blown away! Im excited to see more of the project and it has so much personality that I will be definitely checking in for the next episodes :)

Omg thank you so much! Episode 2 is coming right up, and hopefully you'll enjoy it even more :)

well... this game have a great potencial i'm really looking forward for the next chapter! i loved the art and im hoping for a good back story from the crew also the story from the world they are in!

Thank you so much! Next episode you'll already get the chance to sneak a peek on  their backstories, lots and lots of drama yet to come!

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Some minor typos and missed pronounce of MC which already mentioned from other reviews, but they aren't disturbing the overall storytelling. 

I kinda guessed at least three possible real identity of MC's past, four possible purposes of Andromeda Six and how they were incidentally or even voluntary in coup d'etat, and at least two reasons of that Kitalphanite sphere which triggers the mysterious voice. AAARGH I can't wait to sail further through the space, know more about this miscellaneous group, and uncover the memories (how hurtful they are, my human thirst of any knowledge within this unstable universe won't back away :')) )


It's amusing when the usual phrase I would use as neutral response irl somehow becomes flirting option here. Oh well, I'll flirt my way through this journey, then. Also, June is my main man... that makes me want to change name into May or July just for the sake of pun *snort in yeehaw*

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These fixes are already being worked on for Ep 2, hopefully we won't miss these anymore. There are so many choices and nuances on the code that we could miss these minor things eventually (we always incentive players to send us any mistakes they find, so if you want to, please don't hesitate to reach out).

And hehehehehEHE so many secrets we're dying to share :sob: tea starts to get spilled soon, hopefully your ideas and theories get shook with Episode 2 (coming soon, veery soon)!

Edit: Please change it. HAHAHAHAH

I loved episode one so much! The art is STUNNING. The characters are so engaging and I just know I'm going to have a hard time choosing between all LIs. That said, I can't wait for episode 2 and hope its out soon! My favourites at the minute will have to be June, Ayame & Damon. 

Aaah thanks!! It was always our goal to make it hard to choose hehehe ♥

Episode 2 will be out very soon, hopefully we can announce a date this upcoming week, but we're already testing it out!

OMG absolutely love this. Calderon is absolute dreamboat. Tall, handsome, stern also he's from goldis too. Can't wait to get to mingle with him more. I'm so hyped for episode 2.

He is really a Golden Boy, isn't he? You'll get much more of Calderon on Ep 2, pinky promise!

Episode 1 has me more shook than... anyone, really. It's really well done, and the characters are amazing (especially Damon and Bash because oof). Can't wait for episode 2!

Oooh thank you!! Hopefully Ep 2 will get you even shooker heheheh

Hello.... I just finished playing chapter 1 and it have me thoroughly hooked... fantastic pacing and beautiful background visuals... gave me a lovely time

I was wondering... if it alright for me to draw some fanart... and if I were to... how should I tag you guys...? would a link be preferable...? do you have any other platforms.... It would be swell if you could reply... thank you !

Oh thank you so much!!! We hope you'll continue to enjoy our game as future chapters get released - episode 2 is super close now.

And ohmygod????????? dfjhsdjkf YES PLEASE <3 if you want to tag us, we have a Tumblr and Twitter , whichever one works best for you works for us! Sorry for the delay, we took a few days off on this end of the year to really get down to Ep 2 now ;-;


First of all, I really enjoyed Episode 1. The characters are all diverse and interesting. I am always a sucker for Calderon and Damon types and looking forward on how their character developed throughout the story. Also your writing is as good as one of my favorite Hosted Games author , Seraphinite! I am looking forward to the future episodes and your future works too! 

Okay, being compared to Sera is a whole other level of compliment in my book so - thank you so much! Episode 2 is just around the corner now :D Hope you stick around to discover more of our characters stories!

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hi! i just started playing this game but WOW the art is stunning!!!! all the character sprites and their expressions are so interesting and its genuinely so enjoyable just to look at them. i'm excited to play more! thank you for sharing such beautiful art and characters with the world! 

edit: the flirting is so cute! i love all the dialogues and how personalized they are to each character and each interaction. the attention to detail is sublime!

Hi! Thank you sooo much for the compliments <3 It makes us thrilled to know you enjoy our game as a whole so much - episode 2 is just around the corner, keep an eye out ;)

Of course! I'm happy to hear it. I will definitely keep an eye out. I'm excited for what's next! :)

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Thank you!!! Damon and Bash are a weird pair of friends, but they make it work LMAO

And we'll look into it! Thanks for letting us know :)

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i love the artstyle. well-done sprites, BGs, UI, CGs

interesting bunch of diverse characters. each of them is unique, interesting and well-written.  Ryona is my favourite. Very kind and nice medic with urge to help people 

i really like the plot. amnesia is good idea because player can create their own characters and learn about the lore with them 

a lot of choices and relationship building and ,of course, a good story. 

I'm waiting for me ♥ ♥ 

Oh thank you so much! Our artists have worked super hard to give you all the best art possible, and it's very rewarding to know when you like it!

And aaaa baby Ryona <3 She's a real cinnamon roll, so glad you like her, and all the others :D

There's a bit more backstory to the main character that's key to the plot, but we're leaving most of it to the player's choice, so you can really build them up as the story goes. Episode 2 is near, keep an eye out <3

I LOVE IT <3 June has stolen my heart. Aaaaaaah I don't know how to put it into words. I just simply adore him and the game, the first few minutes when I was introduced to him I was like : Why is he so good??? How can a person be so goddamn cute??? Omg I made him blush!!!

Damon, Calderon and Bash are on the second place .

I mean Damon was all so mysterious, badass and sarcastic, how can you not like him? And you still could see that he cared! Also the dramatic Queen that he is. I stan.

Calderon at first was bossy and a real douche, but i knew he was just doing his job and probably was overly stressed. I loved how his demeanor changed when he reaalised that he was in the wrong. I mean the soft smiles? and the pride? Lovely.

Bash is just a really energetic likeable person, I relate a lot to him, I feel like I'm really similar to him, I feel kind of weird thinking about it like flirting with myself, but I really do like him!

June (again) he was probably going to be the normal type, or something, but I just can't get enough of his smile.  Everything he did was full of emotions, that the character could read and I loved that. And the smirk, wonderful.

Overall, the art is beautifull, the characters wonderfully made, you can really relate to them, they are believable and you can easily get attached., I know I did ;)

Also the main story is a bit explored by the first chapter, there are snippets of the life before, and yet we still don't know much, which helps to built up the suspense.

I don' know if this is of any help at all as a feedback, but I just wanted to show my appreatiation for the game and the creators. Love you<3

Damon as a Queen. I can see that, no use denying he's got a flair for the drama LMAO

Thank you so much for the comment!! It motivates us so much with what we do, knowing people like our characters and game like this. It's just.... everything, really <3

And heheheh don't trust all you've seen of them so far! Some of our characters have several, several, several layers to dig up ;)

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I'M SO MAD! I played through 15 VN games the past two days, many of them demos, and I thought this was one of them. I literally signed up just to write this review, I was so excited. I refuse to spend a penny on games, but me, a frugal college kid, lunged to exit the game after Chapter 1 to see more of this intriguing story and DAMON!!! I don't even lunge for sci-fi, I didn't even like Mass Effect, but GOD! THIS GAME!!!! SO GOOD!!! As soon as Damon popped up, I fell in love, please give me more. I will toss all my hardworking cash at you. Right. Now.

EDIT: November 23rd is also my birthday. This is fate.

KJDFHKSJDFK THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!! It was fate. Definitely. Accept it and join us, we have cookies (and Damon, lots of Demon- I mean, Damon) hehehe <3

YOU'RE SO WELCOME! It's a really brave move to invest your time and effort into a storyline and characters that you hope the world will enjoy and I am so glad you did it! Definitely joining and eating those delicious Demons- I mean cookies :) <3

I love each and every character. They all have such distinct personalities that are so well written, not to mention beautifully drawn. The CGs are all amazing and the music fits perfectly, I really can't hype this game up enough. 

I can't wait for the next update! ♥️

Ahhh we are so glad you enjoy our game so much, it really makes it all worth it. Episode 2 is coming preeeetty soon, keep an eye out <3

I am in LOVE with the cast so far! Reading their interactions and seeing different outcomes was fun. Thank you so much for all of your hard work, and I'm really looking forward to future episodes!! :)

Thank you so much! We're thrilled to know you like how they interact, hopefully you'll enjoy what we have in store for next episode - lots more interactions coming :D

Hi! I just wanted to say that I've been really enjoying the game so far, and am so excited to see how it progressed! I'd also like to let you guys know that Ayame refers to male players as "she" before her introduction. I'm not sure if this is the case for those who use they/them pronouns. Still, thank you so much for all of your work, and I hope that this didn't come off as rude! 

Thank you! Ah yes we're now aware of the issue where Aya refers to the Traveler as 'she' instead of 'he' or 'they'. It will be corrected in the next update. Apologies for any confusion it's caused. And no drama, that didn't come off rude at all! We're glad that you pointed it out :)

Really fun start! I'm very excited to see how this game progresses. I love the characters so far, the art is beautiful and the writing is awesome! I'm loving Aya and Ryona the most but the other characters are fanatastic as well.

I think I have a theory on who the MC is, but I'll have to wait and see how the story unfolds to see if I'm right haha

Thank you! We're so happy to hear you love Aya and Ryona, we've had a great time creating them!

There's been some great theories thrown around on MC's identity so far, and there will be more clues coming up in Episode 2!

I'm in love with this. The art style is just wonderful. I absolutely adore this. The story is unique- kind of. There are a ton of sci-fi stories/interactive games that exist out there, but to me, this one really takes the cake. the characters are all extremely charming. My personal favorites are Calderon and Damon!

I'm so hyped for this VN! <3

Thank you so much! We're so happy to hear you like it, and hope you'll continue playing future Episodes :)

I am absolutely loving this, so far! The story and characters have already drawn me in, the art is great, and the music is awesome! 

I can't wait to see more!

We're so happy to hear that :) Thank you for playing!


Oh, I'm hooked already. The story is so interesting.

I feel like the main character is a prince or princess, but their family were slaughtered by a different kingdom. I might be wrong, but I hope I can spot some more clues in the future chapters. I can't wait until the next chapter comes out. 😁😊

Yay! That's a fun theory, keep a look out for more clues during Episode 2 once it's released! 

hi, i just finished playing episode one and i thought i'd pop in to commend you on your excellent work! i love how polished the visuals look and how cute and expressive everyone's spites are. it was a lovely touch to add cgs to everyone's introductions, too. also, the ui is really pretty and sleek! 

as far as characters go, you managed to convey a lot of personality through their introductions and they all seem fun and interesting. tragically, damon is my whole entire type, so i know who i'm going to be pursuing first.

i enjoyed the format of the choices, with there being different flavours of flirting, as well as determining what your character remembers from their past. it's always a lot of fun to be able to convey personality with your choices.

i did notice a small error while i was playing: my protagonist uses they/them pronouns, but aya refers to them using she while talking to calderon. i imagine a flag got mixed up somewhere.

but above all: congrats on your release! this was a real treat and i'm looking forward to the next installment. thank you for creating this!

Thank you for stopping by to say so! We're so happy to hear you liked the CGs, we'll also have them in all of our upcoming Episodes :)

We hoped to make the characters all have diverse personalities, and it's good to hear they all came off strong! We have had the issue with Aya referring to Traveler as 'her' instead of 'his' or 'their' during that scene brought up and it will be corrected in future updates. Apologies for any confusion it's caused.

Again, thank you! We hope you'll enjoy Episode 2 just as much once it's released.

!!! It's so good! The art style, writing and overall feel of the game is very smooth and the characters are all likable, which is a common problem I find in visual novels. Usually I only like one or two of the characters, with Andromeda Six all of them feel real, and all of them people I could see myself getting along with. (Though I'm keeping my eyes on you Damon. Don't try anything) June (His blush is ADORABLE) and Bash are probably my favorites! I readily look forward to future installments!! <3

Thank you! Our aim was to create LI's that were likable while still having they're own unique personalities, and we're so happy to hear you like all of them!! Thank you so much for playing, and we hope you'll enjoy Episode 2 just as much once it's released!

Hi! Sorry if this question has already been asked, but how often do the episodes come out? And how many will there be in all, even if it is aproximative?

Hello! It has but no worries! We're working out on a FAQ to add to our blog and to the devlogs, hopefully it will help anyone else who has these doubts.

We plan on releasing a new episode every 4 to 6 weeks, depending on their length and how the development goes, but we'll always let everyone know about it as soon as possible. And we expect to have around 10 episodes.

Okay, thank you! :D

This is really good. I'm so glad I happened to see it. I liked all the characters although my favorites have to be June and Calderon. I want to learn more about them all though! It really drew me in from start to finish and now I can't wait for the next episode :D

Thank you so much! We can't wait to share more about them, be sure to stick around for the future episodes ;)

I really enjoyed it.  The art and the music are good, and I loved the characters.  Will probably romance June, but the tall captain is kind of hot, in a gruff way.

Thank you!! Can anyone really not love June? Haha we can’t wait to share more of them all with you!

Plot seems a little obvious but so far I adore everything. The art and the writing is good. I'm excited to see the finished product and where it all goes.

My only complaint is that the only non-humans appear to be females? There are no human females and no alien males(aside from the MC potentially)? That seems... Weird to me, I'm not sure why this was the chosen approach. I'm all for creative freedoms but I wonder if there shouldn't have been SOME racial shuffling there post production. I'm not reading too much into it or anything so it's really a minor thing for me, sorta irksome but in all I like the game.

Thank you for the compliments! However, there is still one LI to be introduced, we ask that you wait for him :)

Additionally,  there is a reason for the lack of non-humans being there. Several, actually. The Kitalphans are mostly refugees after their planet was destroyed, and their numbers have decreased considerably. While the Tilaari are a very reclusive species, and we can’t dwell more on it for now as it is related to the plot and it would be very spoiler-y.

But don’t worry, all of the crew members have a very good reason to have joined, which will all be explored during the coming episodes.

I'm actually surprised someone thinks the plot is obvious :O We know almost nothing about MC or what happened in the city or why is everyone in the ship or... anything! I don't even know what the plot is yet, lol! Can't wait to find out in the upcoming episodes :)

Thanks, Kirlett! We hope to keep surprising you with the game :)

Really enjoyed episode 1 and can't wait for the rest (although I would like to shamelessly articulate my hope that the 7th romancable character is a non-human male ^_^).

Thank you!! And we ask you to wait until you meet him, we don’t want to spoil it yet because it’s related to his backstory :x

Ah, now I'm really psyched to meet him!  Curse you and your brilliant building of suspense that makes me excited for more!

I love this game so much. Just this one episode was enough to make me absolutely adore this game. The art is so beautiful, the UI looks great, the writing is amazing and the music was very atmospheric and fitting. I ended up playing with mt OC Charity, and it was the perfect fit for the game.

Now, to the characters. Each one of them was written beautifully,  and they were distinguished from each other by their personalities, which is important in order to create a more diverse cast and story. My favorite was, of course, June. He's such a sweetheart and I just love him so much. Bash was also super cool, Damon was... Damon, Calderon was scary, Ayame was cool as well and Ryona was kind of creepy, but in a good way.

I also really like the options to flirt in the fist chapter- it gets you a good look on how the characters act romantically, which helped a lot. Another thing I liked was the shy flirt options; My MC is very shy and awkward, and I personally don't really like to play as a confident/sassy flirt.

I'll be looking forward to play more of this! Thank you for making such a lovely VN- your work is appreciated <3 . Good luck!

Oh thank you SO much for the comment! First time we hear Ryona is creepy but I can understand the reasoning hahaha

We’re really glad people are liking the flirt choices! It’s very important for us to get everyone comfortable with their interactions with the characters, so you can trust that this format will remain for the whole game.

Be sure to stay with us for the rest of this journey, there’s much more to come! ;)


He's... he's perfect. Like, P E R F E C T.  Butterflies in my stomach, man. He's too powerful, oof. Every interaction with MC, every line, everything he did and said was perfection and had me SQUEALING. Ugh! He's so chivalrous, and strong, and gentle with MC, and protective and he saved her life and he's the first thing she sees when she wakes up and he's this tall, scarred, determined but so very KIND knight in shining armor and I just. CAN'T. DEAL. WITH. IT. Ugh! Also, pet lizard!? I LOVE THAT. Can't wait to meet them! Ahhhh, he was so respectful too. He first asked MC if she WANTED to be dropped of in the planet, and WHEN she said no, he said 'well if you don't want to, I won't allow it to happen, leave it to me' HAVE YOU SEEN A MORE PERFECT MAN IN YOUR LIFE I HAVE NOT. 

OOF! Okay, breathe, breathe. I really loved the first chapter but I need more, I think I will die waiting between chapters oh man. The music and art were sooooo good too. MC didn't feel annoying which is a huge accomplishment, believe me, and I thank the heavens for the shy!flirting options, because when I have to play as sassy/flirty!MC I just... don't like it too much. So thank you! My blushing baby Tilaari and her tall gentle gunman, UGH! So good.

I liked Bash a lot, too! He also plays very well with my blushing MC for different reasons, he has this gentle teasing demeanor and he's so goofy and good. He's great overall. Kind of curious about his relationship with the good doctor... hope there's nothing there, tbh, but I would support 100% a close friendship between those two. I love them both. Bash is my second favorite LI, anyway! 

Doc and Aya are amazing and I will die for them. I will protect. Not interested in romancing them but that's more about me being straight and not about them not being interesting to romance! They're great <3 

Captain... okay, it might take some WORK, but I melted quite a bit when MC complies and he's like 'Mm, good girl' LMAO NOT HIS EXACT WORDS BUT THAT'S THE FEELING AND wow. Felt good, lol. I'm really intrigued and I think MC will soften him eventually and he will be the type to like... reward her for good behaviour AHEM, ANYWAY!!!!!!

Okay, yep, Damon. I... I don't like him, I admit. He's like... trying way too hard to come off as this cool spy assassin playing with knives 'uhh I know everything about you I can read your soul'. Boy, back off, you're not that intriguing and I'm definitely not interested in your 'I know what you desire~' moves. Like. Just. NO. I'm really grateful for the option to just glare at him, lol. Also, lizards >>>>>> cats. Unpopular opinion time, this whole paragraph, I know. 

So! I fell in love with this game already! I'll play every chapter diligently, of course. Congratulations to the team, you're amazing and this is a wonderful project! I don't say this lightly, because I've played a lot... a LOT of VNs and otomes and the like for like... more than 10 years. So yep, when I say I loved it, don't think I love every single new VN that gets released. You did a great job. <3

Omg thank you so much for this comment! 

It seems June is an universal heartthrob, it's impossible not to love him (and we're so thrilled about that!), while you either love or hate Damon, no in-between hahaha

We're so glad you love our game, seriously. Can't wait to show you much more of them! And feel free to share more of your Traveler with us <3

Very well written, great visuals, well chosen musics, reminds me of "When the night comes" for the quality but in a complete different universe.

Can't wait for the next release and to know better the crew ! I already love them :D

Thank you so much!! It means a lot to us, and we're already crazy to show you more of them :)

I've just finished to read the first chapter, and wow.
Really excited to see the rest, I really can't wait !

I already like Damon ~ :3
(Even if I like the others too... Ugh too hard to choose haha :p)

Thank you so much! We can't wait to show more of our characters, hopefully it'll be even harder to choose hehehe ;)

Sebastian is.. SO CUTE OMG


He's a big clumsy ball of energy, we're so glad you like him! <3

I'm so excited for the game! The only problem is, I wanted to play this with my OC Juniper, but it'll be too confusing... I'll just use one of my other ones~ I can't wait to play this

Hey! Well, our Juniper is called June in game, so maybe your OC Juniper can still join our crew if you want to! ;) And we're so happy to hear you're looking forward to our game, thank you a lot!

Hi! Is there a demo? And will it be commercial? I'm very intrigued! Especially about Juniper and Sebastian <3

Hi Kirlett! There isn't a demo, and we'll be releasing it per episodes. In fact, today we're releasing the early access for Patreons tonight, and tomorrow (!!!) is the official release of Episode 1! It will be free also ;) And rest assured, they can't wait to get to know your Traveler!

oh man, this is happening. this is real. i'm excited. :'DD

It is!!! We can’t wait to see what you will think of our game :)

Super interested in this game (I love dating sim VNs in a sci-fi setting with GxB options which are stupidly hard to find).  I love the option to choose a species to play as too.

We're so glad you're interested in our game! We thought it would be more fun to let the players explore the different nuances of the species we came up with for our universe, hopefully you'll enjoy the game by playing all three species :)

Okay, I am super intrigued by this and already I am hooked with the plot and characters! I will be romancing Ayame with my PC, who will undoubtedly be a disaster bi Traveler. Super hyped!

We are so happy to know you’re interested! Ayame and your Traveler are sure to be an incredibly disastrous and loving couple ;)

Oh, so excited for this one to come out! I'll be following around till then!

That’s great!! We’ll be sure to keep constant updates on the page, and you can expect a release preeeetty soon :D

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Can't wait to play!

And we can't wait to release it! Which will be very soon now, so keep an eye out ;)

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