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Beautiful work on this game. I'm very impressed with the background art, character design and plot. The variety of replay in this game is pretty hefty and that can be a deal breaker for me as a gamer. I play my games into the ground until there is nothing left to discover or see. So excited about Ch 6, not going to lie I had to stop playing to save a little game play for my first round (I romanced Damon because I'm a glutton for punishment, Vexx of course was my second option and explained my first hah) Will be replaying until I find every little detail.

Keep up the good work WanderLust!


Thank you so much for your kind words and we're happy to hear that you're enjoying the game.

A perfect addition for those of us who thirsted for more one-on-one with our favorite characters (mine humbly being Bash and June.) Short and sweet, and it certainly doesn't hurt to know how everyone looks half naked ;)


I need more Ayame. I NEED IT! Lol.

this is so freaking cute omg I adored it

Hey, I bought this game but it never game me the download link and I tried to recover the purchase but eveytime I did it never send it to me to get it.

Hi, if you click on the drop down menu next to your username and select. 'My Library' it should show you the items you've purchased and give you a download link. If the game isn't showing up there then please send us an email to and we'll try to help you further. 

okay thanks


Loved the game, all the characters are awesome and the story is well written.


I love this DLC - the dates are soooo cute. Thank you for blessing us with this. Can't beat Damon and Calderon.

That was adorable! Thank you!

Will there be a Linux version in the future? After checking out the main game, I'm basically like "Shut up and take my money", haha

the best purchase I ever made for 5 dollars !
Love it. Replayed it 3 times hehe

I -- it happened so fast i can't believe it's DONE???


i am too much of a blushy mess for this oh god ≧ ﹏ ≦


I am going to murder whoever got that goddamned landing door open


I spent so much of this going "D'awww, lookit these dorks in love".  10/10, would have my heart melted again.  :D


Bought it, played it, liked it! I will start the main game now! Thanks to the Wanderlust games and the dev team behind this title!


trying to resist the urge to buy this cause my pockets crying


hello lgbtq community


Trying to talk myself out of buying this DLC because i'm broke but it's a losing battle


I did the same but it was worth it xD

im worried if i buy the dlcs that ill somehow lose the file and have to rebuy it or if the game itself goes to steam or another platform ill have to re-buy them :(


If you do somehow lose the files, any purchases you make on will still be connected to your account, and you can download them again at any time :) If we release the game on Steam, which is likely, it will still remain on So unless you particularly want to have the game on Steam, you won't have to purchase it again.

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can you make this free to download


No, the main game is already free to download. If we made all our content free, we wouldn't have any finances to continue making it.


ok thats fine i dont mind and i understand 


This DLC is amazing, I'm happy to see that it's now 20% off so more people can get it! It's a very lighthearted in-between little story, but adds a lot of dimension to the main game.

Sharing the first episode of my quick playthrough of the DLC here, it was super fun, wouldn't want you to miss out on the laughs :D 


Honestly I still can't believe the main game is currently fully free. It's so good and you can see the effort put into it, the quality is impressive. I am actually happy you guys are doing DLCs because I feel so bad playing the whole original game free like that lmao. I'll def give some support!


I can't have enough of this game xD


So, I think there seems to be an oversight. When all the crew's outfits are in pink, Bash's surprised expression has his outfit in default coloring


Just finished the OG game yesterday (can't wait for the next episode~) So I had to hop on here to get the dlc! It was so cute <3

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I love Damon so much. Im also starting to like Bash and Vexx.


it's SO good. perfect fluff and i feel like i learned a lot about each of the LIs. got me even more excited for episode 5!


I wanna marry Bash LOL !! Thank you for making this game i just cant get enough of it! I played all the routes cause i just never want it to end!


Hi is it possible to try out a small demo first ?


Hello, it's only a short DLC, so it won't have a demo. The main game is available for free, and will give you a good idea if you'd enjoy this additional content or not.


Imagine walking up in a space ship, with no memory of your past, but with some sexy characters aboard... So far, the writing is cool and I'm quite intrigued to see where the plot will take us. Also it's set in 3025, so is it worse than 2020?


I will probably buy the DLC asap, as soon as I can afford to (I don't live in the US and currency exchange rate is not pleasant) but from what I'm reading in the comments, its utterly worth it and I am very excited to see for myself.

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This DLC was so heartwarming, I--- I just can't. I'm so glad to see how respectfully you worked with characters. I just finished June's story and I'm really happy to see all that relevant, soft and 256% NOT OOC fanservice. I'm so delightful I found your story and bought this DLC (2 copies, one as a gift to my love <3 Nick, if you're reading this, you're the best boyfriend in the whole Universe). Definitely gonna replay with all characters, 'cause the story is short and simple, yet charming.


I found a scene where Bash's outfit isn't pink. I can understand how making sure the sprites are the right ones whem making these kinds of games.

Hello! I'm enjoying the DLC so far<3
One thing I ran in to, not sure if it has been reported, nearthe beginning,when aya threatens Bash AFTER the... pink...  Bash's uniform temporarily shifts to normal colors :p

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Hi! While the main game will continue to be free, the DLC will not. We put a lot of our time and effort into creating something that is largely free to play, so any profits made from DLC sales help to support our team so we can continue creating content. 

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How does this DLC take place between ch.2 and 3 now?

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The crew: OuR CLotHeS aRE piNK

My Tilaari MC with pastel pink skin, red hair and red eyes: omg we're matching <3

The crew:

June: sure, dear

In all seriousness this was a super cute DLC and I was either cackling or going 'awwww' at all times!

Pro tip to anyone who found this game after Ep 3 was already released like I did, though: do NOT wait to play this until you're finished with Ep 3, trust me on that one :(


Are there any plans for a Linux version ?

Not at the moment, but we'll definitely look into packaging the game for Linux when it's complete!

Thanks for the response regardless.


It was so good! I'm usually quite reluctant to get DLCs because they tend to be very short and not have a lot of content, but I decided to give it a try and I was not disappointed. I loved the scenarios, the writing, the CGs and how everything was personalized to each character. And to be honest, now I'm even more hyped for the next chapter of the game to be released.

Keep up the amazing work and looking forward to play more of your games!

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