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This DLC was so heartwarming, I--- I just can't. I'm so glad to see how respectfully you worked with characters. I just finished June's story and I'm really happy to see all that relevant, soft and 256% NOT OOC fanservice. I'm so delightful I found your story and bought this DLC (2 copies, one as a gift to my love <3 Nick, if you're reading this, you're the best boyfriend in the whole Universe). Definitely gonna replay with all characters, 'cause the story is short and simple, yet charming.


I found a scene where Bash's outfit isn't pink. I can understand how making sure the sprites are the right ones whem making these kinds of games.

Hello! I'm enjoying the DLC so far<3
One thing I ran in to, not sure if it has been reported, nearthe beginning,when aya threatens Bash AFTER the... pink...  Bash's uniform temporarily shifts to normal colors :p


Will this be for free anytime soon?

i ask this as i am one of the younger supporters who cant really provide money...

i hope it will be, as i love the main game and wish to try this too.


Hi! While the main game will continue to be free, the DLC will not. We put a lot of our time and effort into creating something that is largely free to play, so any profits made from DLC sales help to support our team so we can continue creating content. 


okay thank you! hope i didnt offend anyone!

How does this DLC take place between ch.2 and 3 now?

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The crew: OuR CLotHeS aRE piNK

My Tilaari MC with pastel pink skin, red hair and red eyes: omg we're matching <3

The crew:

June: sure, dear

In all seriousness this was a super cute DLC and I was either cackling or going 'awwww' at all times!

Pro tip to anyone who found this game after Ep 3 was already released like I did, though: do NOT wait to play this until you're finished with Ep 3, trust me on that one :(


Are there any plans for a Linux version ?

Not at the moment, but we'll definitely look into packaging the game for Linux when it's complete!

Thanks for the response regardless.


It was so good! I'm usually quite reluctant to get DLCs because they tend to be very short and not have a lot of content, but I decided to give it a try and I was not disappointed. I loved the scenarios, the writing, the CGs and how everything was personalized to each character. And to be honest, now I'm even more hyped for the next chapter of the game to be released.

Keep up the amazing work and looking forward to play more of your games!

is there cgs?

Yes! There are 12 altogether.


♥♥♥♥♥ it's a fun and short game. I highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of a6 and needs a short and very sweet pastime between chapter two and three. 

I learnt a lot about the character's things which were hinted and I am sure will be elaborated in future chapters.

I am a slut for Calderon but Damon's route is, chef's kiss. I have yet to play the other routes but I am sure that I'll be delighted ♥.

5 bucks aren't much and I did it to support the creators of this wonderful game ♥


Even June's gun is pink. absolutely iconic.

I don't understand. DLC follow with main story or not? Must I finish second chapter before Valentine"s Day or DLC means it already finished?((((

the dlc doesnt follow the main story 

I really enjoyed this! It was somuch fun to play through, all the routes were sweet and wonderful. Thank you for making this! 


I've been meaning to leave my overall thoughts of the DLC for the last two days. I really enjoyed it and have even gone back a couple of times now to replay a route or two. I was worried all the routes would follow the same activities with the traveler but they all were different and fun. I do have questions now though and given the timeline with this DLC and episode 2, I sort of already have it answered but Im excited to see what happens in episode 3. I know nothing big or dramatic was revealed but I noticed certain characters did open up just a bit and that was really lovely to see. I hope the team gets some rest, they deserve it! 


I am DYING with laughter on Damon's route. its so well written i might just cry


Once paycheck rolls in, I'm going to give you my money, you're going to take it, and I'm going to have some extra soft boi hours with June.


That elderly woman playing cupid is goals!🤣😂

I enjoyed the DLC, especially June and Damon's routes. And I agree with MC, that the A6 look pretty in pink. 😘

I hope chapter 3 comes out soon. I can't wait to play more. 🤗

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Gaah! This was such a nice little bit of fun to hold us over till Chp3. I really enjoyed my time with all the boys, especially June and Damon. Surprisingly, Calderon really won me over with this dlc. He's such a tsundere. >xP (don't tell him I said that) Bash came off hardest to read, but still fun. 

Curiously, I noticed in Bash's route when you get to make up your first kiss story, each of the prompts referred to a crewmate. Soldier/Calderon, Mermaid/Ayame, Cowboy/June, Assassin/Damon, Angel/Ryona, and Cyborg/Bash. But then...there was Traitor. Could this be a hint to our upcoming fiery redhead, Vexx? Ooh, now I'm curious about his story. (and a little anxious) To bad we didn't get a bit with him. Maybe in the future? =D


This is amazing! I went through all the routes and even though Bash is my favorite, all of the other routes have their own charm to them. I highly recommend getting this if you need just a little extra love from your favorite ship member.


that was the best $5 I've ever had.


bro ....... damon ...... :flushed:


yeah, who allowed him to be this cute while also being f***ing sexy!!

Hi! I hope it's alright to ask, but I was wondering if this'll still be around after February, or if it's only available for the rest of the month? Either way, thank you so much for your work, loves! I hope you're all doing well, and I'm so excited for Chapter 3 of the main story!


The devs confirmed before that it'll be up forever :D

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waiting <3




Ok people the countdown started ,, be on your guard it could be any moment now 😫



Yaaaaasss Festival DLC~ 'You're on the clock to get it done' ...Getting lady loves into bed? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. Tomorrow, right? This is coming out at Midnight? Great - see you in 5 hours.


Excited ♥

Are the events in this DLC gonna be tied in to/referenced in the main game? Or is it completely seperate? Either way, excited to spend Valentine's with Bash ♥


Can't wait


I'm looking forward to check it out <3


Ready to buy!


Looking forward to chapter three. And this looks like an amazing little side adventure, offering a chance to snuggle with June/chase after Damon. xD



I love side missions!

I'm so looking forward to spending some quality time with June, but is Vexx going to be involved in this DLC as well? Something tells me Vexx won't be joining the festival with us because ... spoilers, right? 😅

And I'm so looking forward to chapter 3, too! We left off on a cliffhanger. I've been wondering what's going to happen next to us. I can't wait to play some more soon. 🤗


Looking forward to it X3




Oh fun, I can't wait for this


a pleasant surprise thank you!


jdksjjsks gIMMIE


Oh my goodness, so excited for this!!

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