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Follow now the page for our very first DLC, Star Crossed Lovers, and stay tuned for its upcoming release!

Available soon for Windows and Mac.

Set in the universe of the Visual Novel Andromeda Six, the Festival of Valen takes place once a year, a celebration of love much like an ancient human tradition.

During your stay in Teranium*, a couple of troublemakers create a situation on the A6, and it's up to you to clean it up. Pick one of the 6 crew members of the starship and join them on an unexpected mission in Nos Vega.

You're on the clock to get it done, but the allure from the Festival of Valen may be just what it takes to make you and your chosen companion far too distracted to do so.

Can you keep your head in the game or will you end up falling prey to the stars around you? Will you keep your partner at arm's  length or take that next step? Discover this Valentine's, on Star Crossed Lovers.

*exclusive side story DLC set during events around Episode 2 and 3, not required to continue with the main game.

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