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Set in the year 3025, you take on the role of a lost traveler. With no memory of your past, you wake up on the starship, Andromeda Six, surrounded by its crew of outcasts, each with their own vivid backstory and one common goal. 

You must try to recover the pieces of your past to uncover your true identity and purpose, while learning to survive the political turmoil overtaking the galaxy after its recent terrorist attacks.

On your journey you may end up discovering more than what you bargained for, but can you handle the truth of your past or will it end up consuming you? Will you follow the destiny the stars have written for you, or forge a new path?

You will have the ability to play as a male, female, or non-binary Traveler, with the option to choose from three different species to play through the game: 

Tilaari - A gentle and intelligent alien race dedicated to their medical studies and nurturing way of life.

Human - The most populous of all species, renowned for their scientific advances and engineering. 

Kitalphan - A humanoid race gifted with the ability to live both on land or water, this unique species easily adapts to their chosen habitat. 

There are seven different romance paths to choose from. With unique endings for each route, all characters are available for all Travelers to romance, but bear in mind that romance is not mandatory on your journey.

Calderon - The stoic and standoffish ex-military commander with a fiery vendetta.
Damon - The cold hearted but charming second-in-command with a sharp tongue.
Juniper - The calm and collected gunman with a gentlemen's demeanor.
Sebastian - The humorous and easygoing engineer with a love of bionics.
Ayame - The bright and no-drama ace pilot and self-proclaimed geek queen.
Ryona - The pure hearted and nurturing medic with a deep-rooted yearning for revenge.

The mystery seventh character who will only be available further into the game.

Writer + Programmer | Nadine
Writer | Stephanie
Character Artist | Kristine
Design Artist | Adriana
Background Artist | Rebecca

A6 is still in development, with the release set for 23rd November 2019, so come join us as we share concepts and updates with you on this futuristic journey!

Game is currently rated 17+ for mature language, sexual themes, and violence. 

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Okay, so I INHALED both episodes and - My GOODNESS - the Characters. So GOOD. Aya and Ryona are Everything - like BEST DILEMMA in choosing who my Baby Amnesia will romance First. They'll be the Death of her, I'm sure -- but in Best Way. Art (backround/character design) and music are also Epic - I'm amazed by the overall Quality I'm seeing here. So Excited about V-day announcement, btw - TAKE MY MONEY


Calderon is strangely reminds me someone... Cullen Rutherford, is that you?)))  

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Holy crud, I'm so glad this popped up in my feed. I'm addicted (and not just to a certain tall/dark/handsome assassin?). God, that ch2 cliffy though. Looking forward to the next update. =D Of course, I love all the boys so far. And Ryona and Aya are pretty awesome to. Looking forward to a red-head. I like my fiery red head dudes. <3

I just sort of stumbled upon this game and I'm really glad I did. I've had a lot of fun reading it and can't wait for the next update!

Keep up the great work!

I just finished chapters one and two and omg I love all the characters and their unique personalities. Cannot wait for chapter three!!!


Really enjoying this game so far, I'm looking forward to the next chapters.

I have just one question, did you ever consider adding character customization? If so, why did you decide not to add it? Was it because it would take too long to implement, or was there a immersion/narrative reason for it?


Can i ask how many chapters this game will have in total and how often you guys update with new chapters? Because i think i wanna play through this once the whole game is complete and i just wanna prepare myself to be patient enough to wait until it's complete lol

AHHHHH chapter two was SO GOOD i hardly cannot wait for the next!!! not gonna lie Damon made me feel so ATTACKED (in a good way) and Aya.....she's so hot i cannot... my bisexual ass is quaking ;-; good job on C2 you guys!! may i ask when's the next chapter coming out? in the meantime, get yourselves some rewards for a job well done!!

If it's not too spoilery, could you give a few words on the personality of the new character at the cliffhanger of Chapter 2? Wondering if he's sweet or harsh...although I'm anticipating the latter.

I love chapter 2. 

And we love you. <3


So, working under Damon, huh? He's gonna have a hard time with the amnesiac stowaway, but I'm sure he'll rise to the challenge.

(I'm sorry, I tried really hard to resist, but ultimately I had to, because I'm the worst).


Of course I had to see this while at work HAHAHAHAH but yes hehe this is where I thrive:

It’ll be a wild ride, let’s all get on our knees and hope your Traveler won’t come undone too soon because of his rough demands.


I'm sure so long as they don't rub him the wrong way Damon might take pity and reward the Traveler, but chances are they'll just get a lashing from that tongue of his.

(*Wheezes* we're terrible).


OMG this episode was sooo good! I look forward to seeing the red-haired guy! <3


Ahhh thanks! You’ll get to see lots more Vexx in the next episodes, quite the character that one is :x

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Whoa!! Episode 2 is sooo good! Damon is way too hot lol..

 but that cliffhanger tho! 😫

Thank youuuu! ... he is isn’t he jsndksndk 

We HAD to end it there! Promise the wait will be worth it ;)



Waiting for the next chapter to come out is going to be so hard. I want more now!!

I'm really enjoying the story so far, and am already smitten with June.

Ahhh we'll work hard to make any and all wait worth it! <3 June is ultimate lover boy dkjfhsjkd thank you for your support~

Bro how could you DO THIS TO MMEEEEEEEE. I just finished chapter two and oof! My suite-mate is currently asking me why she just heard me wailing. 

So good! So good. AUGHH

Bro we tried very hard to do this to you so YEEEEEA THANK YOU FOR LIKING IT <3

Hopefully we'll get you wailing plenty more times hehe

I just played the latest chapter and all I could say was "MCSCUSE ME???" This is great. I can't wait for the next chapter (but of course take some time for yourself too!).

hahahah thank you!!! We’re so glad you liked it :) we’re taking care of ourselves dw <3 more stuff for A6 is on its way already!


"So tell me, [MC], what is it that you truly desire?" Alright calm down there Lucifer lmao (That's what I immediately thought of, haha). So many sweet characters in here, but of course I'm drawn to the unrepentant asshole :P

 Loving what is up so far, eagerly awaiting episode two :)


LMAO someone caught the reference!!! I have to admit I took inspo from it, I regret nothing ;P so glad you like it though <3

And you miiight want to keep an eye out, tomorrow may or may not just have an update.

i'm loving this so far!!!! the art is so gorgeous and the dialogue is so well done! keen for episode 2 :)

Thank you so much! Keep an eye out, an update is just around the corner...

omg i ABSOLUTELY adore this game! the art and the storyline are mesmerising -- and the characters? OOF. YES. i cannot wait for ep2!! eagerly awaiting~ well done, Wanderlust Games!

YAY! So glad you like it <3

Keep an eye out here, we might have an update tomorrow...


This is amazing so far! Have I flirted with everyone? Yes. Will I continue with my favs? YES! Im so sad that there is only one chapter out and I cant wait fore more to come out! Keep up the amazing work on this amazing game!

Thank you! Don’t be sad though, episode 2 is just around the corner!!

I absolutely adore this so far! The characters are all so expressive and intricately detailed. It's beyond incredible! I gotta say though, Damon and Ayame are my favorites so far; both gorgeous and intriguing. I can't wait to find out what happens as the story goes on! Keep being amazing. <3

Aaa thank you! We’re very happy to know you like our game this much already! Episode 2 is just around the corner, we’ll announce the date later this week - and you’ll definitely get a better look into the characters ;)

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Hello! I loved chapter 1 oh my goodness. So good! 

Thank you. Thank you so much for this story. 

I do have a question though--- since I've gone through every possible dialogue combo XD--- if you don't flirt with someone, will that impact your ability to have a relationship later? I know it is early but I want to make sure. 


Oh thank you so much!! We’re always thrilled when people enjoy our game :)

Regarding to your question - no, it won’t! Not everyone wants to go around flirting since day one, so we decided to leave it open. Settling in a relationship in the future will come down to one choice (you can, of course, follow one route all the way by being biased to one character and end up choosing another when push comes to shove - it will have an effect but nothing that will impact your relationship!), and we’ll make it very clear that choosing that LI will lock you in their route until the end of the game. And it will be your choice if you want to get physical or not!

What a beautiful story and graphics as well. I'm so excited for chapter 2!

Thank you!! We’ll announce the date later this week, hope you’re ready for it ;)

Love the game, love the different personalities, and the character designs are so hot *fans self* 

I know we are almost to chapter 2 soon hopefully but how many chapters total do you think you will have in the game?


Aaa thank you! And yesssss so glad you think our characters are hot hehehe that was the goal ;)

At the moment the plan encompasses around 10 episodes for the whole game, but it could change depending on how it unfolds :)

Omg 10 chapters of goodness I can't wait...you spoil us :)


And you flatter us <3

You think I don't see you teasing Episode 2 everywhere ?

Totally works on me. Right now my life is actually waiting fot it.

Raaaaah I just so can't wait !

(btw if it wasn't obvious I'm totally in love with the game. The characters are beautiful and the story looks amazing. Keep up ! Love from France !)

HAHAHAHAHAH I promise you won't have to wait for it much longer! And thank you so much aaaa or rather, merci beaucoup (here's hoping I got it right dsjfhksjd) ♥


I just played through chapter 1 and wow! It's so good!

I love that nonbinary is a option too. It feels like I rarely ever see it, but when I do, it's the best thing ever.

Oh thank you! We felt it was important to include all options, we'll stick with it all the way :)

It's very good. <3

Thank you !! <3


Episode One was so good and a great introduction to the characters without feeling like you're just slogging through set up! When it ended I was left wanting so much more, I'm so excited for Episode Two! Thank you for making this and sharing it with us!

Aww thank you so much!! Episode Two is just around the corner now, hope it'll be enough to make you even more thirsty for more, I mean, quench your thirst ;)

To be honest, I'm not a fan of the romance type games, but I really liked the look of this one and I love sci fi so thought I'd give it a go. I'm glad I did. The art style is beautiful and I was really getting into the story when the chapter ended. I just wanted to keep playing. Like I said, not into the romance, so I don't pick any of those options, but I still have a favourite character, lol. I want to know more about Damon. Can't wait for more.

Hi! Thanks for the compliment and for playing! We totally understand that some people prefer not to go for romance routes, so despite the focus being the romance routes, we're absolutely sticking to working on a non-romance route. The story will hopefully be more than enough to make this route entertaining :D

Episode 2 is just around the corner, and you'll get the chance to sneak a peek on the character's backstories on it.

I am absolutely blown away! Im excited to see more of the project and it has so much personality that I will be definitely checking in for the next episodes :)

Omg thank you so much! Episode 2 is coming right up, and hopefully you'll enjoy it even more :)


well... this game have a great potencial i'm really looking forward for the next chapter! i loved the art and im hoping for a good back story from the crew also the story from the world they are in!


Thank you so much! Next episode you'll already get the chance to sneak a peek on  their backstories, lots and lots of drama yet to come!

(1 edit)

Some minor typos and missed pronounce of MC which already mentioned from other reviews, but they aren't disturbing the overall storytelling. 

I kinda guessed at least three possible real identity of MC's past, four possible purposes of Andromeda Six and how they were incidentally or even voluntary in coup d'etat, and at least two reasons of that Kitalphanite sphere which triggers the mysterious voice. AAARGH I can't wait to sail further through the space, know more about this miscellaneous group, and uncover the memories (how hurtful they are, my human thirst of any knowledge within this unstable universe won't back away :')) )


It's amusing when the usual phrase I would use as neutral response irl somehow becomes flirting option here. Oh well, I'll flirt my way through this journey, then. Also, June is my main man... that makes me want to change name into May or July just for the sake of pun *snort in yeehaw*

(1 edit)

These fixes are already being worked on for Ep 2, hopefully we won't miss these anymore. There are so many choices and nuances on the code that we could miss these minor things eventually (we always incentive players to send us any mistakes they find, so if you want to, please don't hesitate to reach out).

And hehehehehEHE so many secrets we're dying to share :sob: tea starts to get spilled soon, hopefully your ideas and theories get shook with Episode 2 (coming soon, veery soon)!

Edit: Please change it. HAHAHAHAH

I loved episode one so much! The art is STUNNING. The characters are so engaging and I just know I'm going to have a hard time choosing between all LIs. That said, I can't wait for episode 2 and hope its out soon! My favourites at the minute will have to be June, Ayame & Damon. 


Aaah thanks!! It was always our goal to make it hard to choose hehehe ♥

Episode 2 will be out very soon, hopefully we can announce a date this upcoming week, but we're already testing it out!

OMG absolutely love this. Calderon is absolute dreamboat. Tall, handsome, stern also he's from goldis too. Can't wait to get to mingle with him more. I'm so hyped for episode 2.

He is really a Golden Boy, isn't he? You'll get much more of Calderon on Ep 2, pinky promise!

Episode 1 has me more shook than... anyone, really. It's really well done, and the characters are amazing (especially Damon and Bash because oof). Can't wait for episode 2!

Oooh thank you!! Hopefully Ep 2 will get you even shooker heheheh

Hello.... I just finished playing chapter 1 and it have me thoroughly hooked... fantastic pacing and beautiful background visuals... gave me a lovely time

I was wondering... if it alright for me to draw some fanart... and if I were to... how should I tag you guys...? would a link be preferable...? do you have any other platforms.... It would be swell if you could reply... thank you !

Oh thank you so much!!! We hope you'll continue to enjoy our game as future chapters get released - episode 2 is super close now.

And ohmygod????????? dfjhsdjkf YES PLEASE <3 if you want to tag us, we have a Tumblr and Twitter , whichever one works best for you works for us! Sorry for the delay, we took a few days off on this end of the year to really get down to Ep 2 now ;-;



First of all, I really enjoyed Episode 1. The characters are all diverse and interesting. I am always a sucker for Calderon and Damon types and looking forward on how their character developed throughout the story. Also your writing is as good as one of my favorite Hosted Games author , Seraphinite! I am looking forward to the future episodes and your future works too! 

Okay, being compared to Sera is a whole other level of compliment in my book so - thank you so much! Episode 2 is just around the corner now :D Hope you stick around to discover more of our characters stories!

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hi! i just started playing this game but WOW the art is stunning!!!! all the character sprites and their expressions are so interesting and its genuinely so enjoyable just to look at them. i'm excited to play more! thank you for sharing such beautiful art and characters with the world! 

edit: the flirting is so cute! i love all the dialogues and how personalized they are to each character and each interaction. the attention to detail is sublime!


Hi! Thank you sooo much for the compliments <3 It makes us thrilled to know you enjoy our game as a whole so much - episode 2 is just around the corner, keep an eye out ;)

Of course! I'm happy to hear it. I will definitely keep an eye out. I'm excited for what's next! :)

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Wow, this is so awesome and well done! I'm already so drawn in to the world and in love with all the characters! Damon and Bash are my favorites by far, I love them! I adore this game already! super interesting storyline!

Would it be possible in the future to add an auto button like the default renpy games have? My wrists are weak, and clicking a lot hurts, so I would really appreciate that.


Thank you!!! Damon and Bash are a weird pair of friends, but they make it work LMAO

And we'll look into it! Thanks for letting us know :)

Haha, I look forward to learning more about them in the future! All the characters actually, they all have really interesting personalities!

Thank you so much!

i love the artstyle. well-done sprites, BGs, UI, CGs

interesting bunch of diverse characters. each of them is unique, interesting and well-written.  Ryona is my favourite. Very kind and nice medic with urge to help people 

i really like the plot. amnesia is good idea because player can create their own characters and learn about the lore with them 

a lot of choices and relationship building and ,of course, a good story. 

I'm waiting for me ♥ ♥ 

Oh thank you so much! Our artists have worked super hard to give you all the best art possible, and it's very rewarding to know when you like it!

And aaaa baby Ryona <3 She's a real cinnamon roll, so glad you like her, and all the others :D

There's a bit more backstory to the main character that's key to the plot, but we're leaving most of it to the player's choice, so you can really build them up as the story goes. Episode 2 is near, keep an eye out <3

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