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Available now for Windows and Mac. This game is still in development.

Set in the year 3025, you take on the role of a lost traveler. With no memory of your past, you wake up on the starship, Andromeda Six, surrounded by its crew of outcasts, each with their own vivid backstory and one common goal. 

You must try to recover the pieces of your past to uncover your true identity and purpose, while learning to survive the political turmoil overtaking the galaxy after its recent terrorist attacks.

On your journey you may end up discovering more than what you bargained for, but can you handle the truth of your past or will it end up consuming you? Will you follow the destiny the stars have written for you, or forge a new path?

You will have the ability to play as a male, female, or non-binary Traveler, with the option to choose from three different species to play through the game: 

Tilaari - A gentle and intelligent alien race dedicated to their medical studies and nurturing way of life.

Human - The most populous of all species, renowned for their scientific advances and engineering. 

Kitalphan - A humanoid race gifted with the ability to live both on land or water, this unique species easily adapts to their chosen habitat. 

There are seven different romance paths to choose from. With unique endings for each route, all characters are available for all Travelers to romance, but bear in mind that romance is not mandatory on your journey.

Calderon - The stoic and standoffish ex-military commander with a fiery vendetta.
Damon - The cold hearted but charming second-in-command with a sharp tongue.
Juniper - The calm and collected gunman with a gentlemen's demeanor.
Sebastian - The humorous and easygoing engineer with a love of bionics.
Ayame - The bright and no-drama ace pilot and self-proclaimed geek queen.
Ryona - The pure hearted and nurturing medic with a deep-rooted yearning for revenge.
Vexx - The troubled guard from your past with a history that has turned for the worse.

Writer + Programmer | Nadine (Aeriie)
Writer | Stephanie (Steph)
Character Artist | Kristine (Deli)
Design Artist | Adriana (Aria)
Background Artist | Rebecca (Tea)

A6 is still in development, with ten episodes in total planned, and several side-stories. Come join us on social media as we share concepts and updates with you on this futuristic journey!

Game is currently rated 17+ for mature language, sexual themes, and violence. 

Twitter | Patreon | Merch | Discord

For bug or other issues, please contact us at support@wanderlust-games.com

Our FAQ can be found on Tumblr.


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I come back here once in a while to bask in the glory of this game. I gotta play it again, especially since I cleared my laptop so I've got an excuse now 

everyone here praising the writing and story and whatnot, and I'm here like "yea, but the titles of the saves tho".

This has way more suggestive lines than any other visual novels I've played that makes my jaw drop at times lol. Can't say I'm complaining. Thank you for this gem, I really enjoyed reading this. The backgrounds are quite beautiful, and Bash is my favorite.

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oh my gosh i can't wait for the update ITS SO GOOD I CANT BELIEVE THIS IS FREE HELLO?!?!?!?!?!?!?

but also after i finish chapter five i have no way of saving it... once chapter 6 is updated will i be able to start there??? 

even more -- june has me blushin all the time WTFFFF ?!?!?!



If you're looking for a thrilling, addictive game with a well-written story, Andromeda Six is for you. I don't usually leave reviews on games but for A6, I HAD to. I even created a itch.io account just for that lmao :D

I can't believe such a wonderful game is free! I usually try to find free games (like a lot of people do), but that one not costing anything should be a crime (though I certainly won't complain about it being free lmao). If you have the chance, try the DLCs! They're really cheap for the quality and they're wonderful :) It's also a great way to support the developers ! 

I don't even have words to describe how much I like this game. As a person who pretty much hates sci-fi in general, I was pleasantly suprised to fall in love with A6. And let's not even talk about the characters, because that would probably end up in a very, very long essay lol. Let's just say that I had to play each route because I couldn't choose who to romance! (even though Bash, June and Vexx and Calderon and Damon and... (Well pretty much everyone as you can see) made my heart flutter hehe)

Great MC, liking visual novels can be hard for some people since they can't always recognize themselves in the main character. In this game, it's pretty easy because you get to make significant choices instead of just observing the story through the eyes of another! 

Ugh, I got carried away again but I can't help it, I just adore this game :p Looking forward to see the next chapters, I'm convinced they'll be as amazing as what I've seen so far! Keep up with the great work :)

This is a very exciting project. One of the few visual novels where I am just as interested in the overarching story as I am in the individual romances. While I wish I had found it after it had already been completed because I am a pathetic goblin with no ability to delay gratification, I am happy that I found it to be able to throw some money your way to support the project.

Looking forward to future updates. Also, any chance of an Android version in the future?

This is my first ever visual novel and hoooolyyyy how do you guys write so well? This game is truly impressive.

Hey, I just finished episode 5, and I'm pretty sure there's and episode 6, so how do I download it without loosing my progress?

or maybe there isn't lol I just saw the 'updated 5 days ago' and saw someone mentioining a episode 6

Episode 6 isn't out yet though the beta version of it is available under one of the higher tiers on their patreon



This is Renpy Right?

The game is very interesting, but there is one problem that kinda... ruins the experience: 

And that is how much sympathy the characters have for a dictator's death. Now, I am not expecting them to celebrate since another equally bad one (if not worse) replaced him but with how much Mc goes ''wElL diD hE DesERvE tO DiE?!!!'' and ''oOohH I BeT You'RE sOOoO HaPpY hE'S deAd'' especially towards direct victims of his tyranny such as June just comes off insensitive at best and downright cruel at worst. 

And what's worse is them agreeing with Mc. That King Space Fascist who lived in golden palaces while the people he classed inferior starved in the streets, did not deserve to die. His children, they didn't. His wives, debatable since we know little about how they ruled, if they ruled at all. But The King? 

The King deserved to die. What was the alternative? Stepping down and continuing living in luxury while the new ruler tries to fix the lives he ruined? No, thank you.

Maybe I'm associating him with my country's ''president'' a bit too much, but from all that I've read so far, nothing has made me have an ounce of sympathy everyone seems to have for him. He's not a good ruler. He's not a good father. He's not a good person. 

Other than that it's all good. I love my dysfunctional found family. I just wish they'd hate my dad.

[SPOILERS, kinda]

I kinda understand your feeling, but I don't remember seeing it that way during my playthrough.

To me,  the MC was the child of a king (therefore, an incredibly privileged person) who, while wasn't close to their father and was aware that the people disliked him, was oblivious to how cruel their father's rule actually was. So only now MC is starting to realize how fucked up everything is because of the king, but that only came after the realization that their entire family was murdered during their brother's wedding, which is surely something that would shake someone's feelings and thoughts.

From that perspective, I can totally undestand that the MC's feelings are conflicted on the subject of their father's death, especially considering that it also came with their sister's death, which was the only family member they were close to. I'm quite sure also that you have an option at some point to say that your father basically had it coming or something like that (it's been a while since last I played it).

As for the other characters, the way I saw it was not that they were sympathizing with the king's death, but that they were sympathizing with the MC's pain of losing their entire family, including their father. Like when you think someone's pain is necessary (for whatever reason), but you can still feel bad for them.

However, as I said, I played a while ago and got back just because I thought ep 6 was out, so I might be forgetting something.

I actually understand having conflicting feelings. I have conflicting feelings about the whole thing but screaming at June's face saying ''you must be so happy he's dead'' just made Mc so unlikeable I was seconds away from quitting. 

Even saying he had it coming did nothing, since it just made Ayame go ''oh you don't mean that'' and push it under the rug. 

The narrative kinda pushes the ''If you kill someone you'll be no different from them'' and literally says it in game about Vexx. The guy who used me so his dictator boss could replace my dictator dad by slaughtering my family (I say as if he's not my RO) 

I understand why he did it and I even forgave him later on, but at the time I didn't know his reasons. I just knew he took advantage of Mc's emotional vulnerability. Still, seeing how the game gave me an ''ethics lesson'' on why I should not kill my family's murderer was so frustrating. 

I mean... I think the pain of having your entire family murdered and having conflicting sympathy towards your dead father is understandable... In the end, he did a good job as a dad? No. But he still is the MC's father.

I think you missed my point a bit but fair enough.

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(btw, sorry if I sound rude, not my intention. I just genuinely  like to discuss about these things in games >_< ) 

How? You seem mad that the MC  has some sympathy for the king, wich even if he isn't a good father, he still is their father and because of that, the MC can be oblivious to a lot of things.

 You can't really blame them for saying things like ''You must be so happy he's dead'' it's a really understandable thing someone who just lost their entire family say. It can be the kind of thing someone who take out their anger on others would say, but also can be a defense or coping mechanism in some people. 

I personally think saying "Did he deserve to die?" is worse. That's a question. If the MC is questioning that, that means they were really oblivious to the actual extent of his tyranny, to the point they can neither affirm nor deny that, or at least trying to deny that their own father deserves to die, wich is kinda sad. 

And when the MC say "He had it coming" of course Ayame would kinda ignore it. The MC seems so oblivious to the actual extent of his tyranny, how would they know if he really deserves to die? I think Ayame do that because she thinks we're just saying that to cope with the situation, wich can be true.

I don't think the crew had sympathy specifically for the king, I got the feeling they were just being sympathetic towards the MC. Besides, they can still hate him but have their own ethics. You can think the king deserved to die but they can disagree too, to each their own. 

game wont let me click start or load game since episode 6 update :(


me too :( 

another heart attack sigh.

Hi! I absolutely love this game, but have a quick question - is there a way to delete saves? 

Thanks! Just hover over the save slot in the game and press the 'delete' key, that should do it :)

god damn it! , god damn it! .

the art if the cliffhanger is strong with this one.

im not usually an emotional person at all so it came to great surprise to me that i couldn't freaking stop crying for vexx's sad situation he has found himself in.


O my god, i am litterally determining the who is at the door XD what am i the deity of fate or something.
ehg so many choices, this is worse then when i have to choose what to eat for breakfast.

well i guess i have no choice but to plop down a save right here for later :)

This game is all I've been looking for, it's AMAZING, I can't even describe how good the story, characters, art, etc are... really, I love it!! I'm really excited for new chapters and will be looking forward to buy the DLC's!!

hello, I adore this game and I'm so happy it got updated, but for some reason, I can't play the new patch update? at first, I could play a bit after chapter 5 but then it kept showing me an error screen but now I can't even play past episode 5 itself? please let me know if I have to do something specific I even tried deleting the previous game and I downloaded this new file twice , again thank you for the update though!

mine keeps giving an error, no matter if I reinstall or not, it appears: '' an exception has occurred

Whule loading <'Imae' u'Wren_Neutral.png'. ''

what do I do? I really want to play :c

A new version has just been uploaded to fix this error, you will have to download it again but you should be able to play with no problems after that :)


so your telling me my soul jumped out of my body for no reason??? now i gotta find it >.>

omg omg omg omg

I have played just about every visual novel you can, and this one is BY FAR the most well written, most captivating, and most beautifully illustrated VN out there. Every single character is well fleshed out and believable, it made me cry multiple times, and though the romances are beautifully written, for once the story drew me in more than the romance options. 

If you only ever play one visual novel, let it be this one. I cannot wait for the sixth episode to come out!

To the amazing team that put this game together, thank you for your hours of hard work and one of the best game I have ever played.

I...am at a loss for words.

Andromeda Six is...a fantastic game, one of the best VN's I've  played to date. Good writing, fantastic artwork and most importantly? CHOICE.
So much CHOICE, so many options, so much to discover.

"Name your own price"? I promise :)  I'll happily pay, this game is gold.
I'm really excited for it, and to see more when new chapters arrive.

Thank you for letting me try this...  I love A6

"A6 is still in development, with the initial release set for 23rd November 2019, so come join us as we share concepts and updates with you on this futuristic journey!"
I am confused, does this mean the first episode, or was this the release date planned for the entire game?

They just meant that they were releasing episode one on November 23rd, 2019  not the entire game. 

i need ep 6 please :'c

 episode six ?

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Recently had to replay the game from the start, as I realized I'd done a lovers from the start Vexx playthrough...but not a friends to falling in love Vexx playthrough. And I officially love the friends to lovers even more. Also falling in love with June, Bash, Cal, and Damon again. Bad, you boys are not the main focus on this route. (but so hard to resist. xD)

The fact I have multiple playthroughs with all the guys, and two for different backgrounds with Vexx......yeah. God, it makes me happy to keep waiting for episode six. Where I can kick some bodies arse for shooting my carrot head. xD (Even if we can't, I expect at least a chance to snark thoroughly at the shooter. at a level Damon and Vexx would be proud of).

How can I reset the game?

I believe all you need to do is find the save files on your PC and delete those. On win 10 it's in Users > YourUsername > AppData > Roaming > RenPy

If you can't see the AppData folder, you just need to go on File Explorer, select View > Show > Hidden items

Hope that helps :D

I can't thank you enough for this! I tried reseting the game so many times and failed, thank you so much. <3

This is so so good. The story, the characters, BGM and art. As soon as I am back in the city with proper connection I am buying the game oficially for sure. Now I gotta go replay it with all the other routes :D

Where do I even start with this game?

I'm glad I stumbled across it when I did because this game has been my lifeline for the past week. All of the characters have their own personalities that make each of them lovable. (Not to mention the art is phenomenal) I can't wait until the next episode comes out, because im hooked. 

Btw, Damon and Vexx are the best boys :)

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Ok so I love this game so much! so well thought and the DLC is amazing!

That cliffhanger...made me scream at the end!

I love all characters so far but my favorite by far is baby Damon followed by Vexx.

I just wished I found it when it was finished (Sighs) but nonetheless a super interesting game and so original in terms of artwork and story.


I guess I'll play it on a loop now hahaha

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Love the game! One idea: don't be afraid to keep the unique drawings for longer in dialogues. Sometimes they are only shown for 1 sentence and thats such a waste if you then go back to the "generic" background with characters sprites on it for the rest of the dialogue :)

damn, how good this game is! I'm completely in love with the story and characters, can't wait to continue

I freaking love it!!!!! It took me 3 days to finish the first 5 episodes.  I love the characters and how deep their backstories go. I can't wait to continue this journey over the next few years!

I love, love love this game. Wow, especially episode 5 so far is wow. I was in tears at a certain part, and I need more Aya, I want more of my Aya, I'm in total love with her. Please T_T  it's so painful having to wait so long to get this full game. But I know that if keep this pacing it will be even more amazing.


I thought it was a demo

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it is more like an EA I'd say, with 5 episodes so far, quite a lot of content.

Hi i just wanted to say thank you for this beautifull game! 

And send the team some encouragements, you've got this don't stess too mutch, and i love u all!

When is chapter 6 going to be updated???

They haven't given a specific date yet, but the writing was (As of Sept. 30) 60% finished, with coding half done, and the sprites were finished (it said 80% on art, so maybe they still had CGs to go?). 

They still have to go through Beta testing when they finish everything. I wouldn't quote me, but I'd guess maybe a month or two before the next episode is out?

this is literally my comfort game i love june sm :((

will be on android? 

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You can play it on Android with 'Joi Play'

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