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Andromeda Six Newsletter | February 2024
Hi everyone! We're back with another monthly update, and as promised in the previous newsletter, we've got some more news on Episode 8! First of all, the beta f...
Exciting News!
Hi everyone! If you're missing Damon and Ayame, we have some exciting news for you! You can now roleplay as Damon or Ayame in the Infinite Stars universe while...
Andromeda Six Newsletter | January 2024
Hi everyone! We hope you've had an amazing start to 2024 so far! We're happy to say it's been very productive for our team. We're still working on both Episode...
Andromeda Six Newsletter | December 2023
Hi everyone, and Happy New Year! We hope you've all had a safe and happy holiday season! We had a little break over Christmas, which is why the December newslet...
Andromeda Six Newsletter | November 2023
Hi everyone! We hope you're all doing well! Apologies for skipping the newsletter last month, at the time we didn't have anything new to report on so we decided...
Andromeda Six Newsletter | September 2023
Hi everyone! We can't quite believe we're at the end of September already... where has the time gone?! Our update this month is much the same as the last one, w...
Andromeda Six Newsletter | August 2023
Hi everyone! We don't have too much news to give this month apart from letting you know that we're still hard at work! Most of our work so far has gone into Epi...
Andromeda Six Newsletter | July 2023
Hi everyone! We hope you're all doing well, and that most of you have had the chance to play Episode 7 by this stage! Our team is keeping up our momentum with w...
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    Please post any bugs, errors etc that you come across in this thread. Make sure to include a detailed description, inclu...
    started by Wanderlust Games May 21, 2022 Last page
    51 replies
    How many episodes will the game have ? We are working with a 10 Episode plan, but we reserve the right to extend that if...
    started by Wanderlust Games Aug 21, 2023
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    Please adhere to's Community Rules when posting on this discussion board. No flaming, trolling, spamming, or oth...
    started by Wanderlust Games May 07, 2020
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    Does anybody know how to get all the pics on the second page for ayame, damon, and june?
    started by HuneyBee 81 days ago
    3 replies
    I love this novel so much. The depth and care that goes into the characters and the story in general is amazing! I feel...
    started by VixenKitsuneFox 65 days ago
    1 reply
    Hello I am autistic so I will clarify that this is not mean. This is something I have been thinking about for over a yea...
    started by Gharn 63 days ago
    2 replies
    Please 😭
    started by dana000 Aug 02, 2023
    2 replies
    yo so like if we update it when a new episode is out are all the saves taken of?
    started by Anna anana 99 days ago
    1 reply
    Hi, I apologise in advance if this isn't the way to report an issue however, my gallery has been wiped clean. I did tran...
    started by geolara Sep 28, 2023
    No replies yet
    Will there ever be an option to change the font size or change the font type all together? I am having trouble reading t...
    started by Lukas du Mortain Sep 26, 2023
    2 replies
    hi, do we have to restart the game from the beginning each time theres an episode update? my last saved was on episode...
    started by chlowototo Sep 15, 2023
    1 reply
    The game is not bad, but where is romance? Where are all kisses, love scenes, anything? I get that it doesn't have sexua...
    started by Anastasia 2023 Sep 26, 2023
    1 reply
    I read a Reddit post/ comment about the After Dark DLC but when I came to this page, it seems to be gone. Will it ever b...
    started by pastadudde Sep 25, 2023
    1 reply
    I was in the middle of chapter six, talking to Calderon in my room about his old maps and Earth, and when I progress it...
    started by TheTerribleRenegade Jul 19, 2023
    1 reply
    I guess it does make sense, considering barely anyone uses 32 system anymore. This literally happened with another vn i...
    started by YTgalaxygamer145 Jul 29, 2023
    1 reply
    After you remember things, the one that saved you immediately treats you like a leper, the captain has always wanted you...
    started by Khevor Aug 01, 2023
    1 reply
    Basically the title. The backgrounds keep flashing black really quickly. The game is still playable but it's really dist...
    started by hourglassboars Jul 10, 2023
    1 reply
    Each of the routes and characters are so well fleshed out, and it's evident that the devs went out of their way to creat...
    started by therandolorian Jul 07, 2023
    1 reply
    like Im loosing my mind, its gorgeous. It made me cry, smile, laugh and ugly-sob again. I GOT A WHIPLASH WHEN THEY TOOK...
    started by Saitamama Jul 04, 2023
    6 replies
    I really love the way xou wrote the "NSFW" scenes :) and despite being a smut writer that enjoys indulging in the debauc...
    started by Phamyne Jul 06, 2023
    1 reply
    Heyy,, love this game and the background music!! Does anyone know if the music is available to listen to or download?
    started by kwkyky Jun 01, 2023
    2 replies
    When's is the release of the next chapter of Andromeda Six? because I really love this game and want to see what's gonna...
    started by Gorousimp Mar 30, 2023
    2 replies
    hi im a big fan of your game and i was wondering if and when you finish the full game if itll be free as it is now or il...
    started by Alex117pride May 21, 2023
    3 replies