Episode 3 Release Date

You've all been waiting so patiently for the next Episode, and today we're finally able to share the release date with you!

Episode 3: Rebooting... will be available to play from April 25th.

We'll still be posting daily sneak peeks over on Patreon before then and getting excited for the release right along with you. So buckle up and get ready for the next part of your Traveler's adventure!

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(spoilers ahead new players do not engage) 

also lemme just say i LAUGHED so hard when u drop the identity bomb and u get the CG and Cal is just standing there looking so fucking pissed while everybody else (aside from Damon) is confused and stunned. 

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i LOVE the strip club scene. the music and the background--wow. this also holds true for the times we get to see the ship's insides, the hold/hangar/control panel/hallways/etc. i'm just impressed with all the details that have been put in. whoever's doing the design for the backgrounds and music--super major kudos and love for all the delightful world-building and immersion work y'all are doing and accomplishing!!!!


I only found this game this week but oh my goodness. It is easily my new favorite Visual Novel. I am blown away by the depth of all the characters and love each one already. I’m glad I joined at a good time. I’m almost vibrating waiting for chapter 3. 



Deleted 2 years ago

It'll be out in about 3-4 hours! Sorry for the long wait for a reply, but the time itself only just got announced. Thanks for your patience!

No worries- thanks for letting me know!

I am so SO SO excited for this !!!! Can't wait to see the crew again ! I missed June and Damon SO MUUUUCH <3

The only sadness I feel is that I have work tonight and won't get to play till sunday. xD    T_T


It's the 25th where it at.

It will be out later on tonight! You should get an email when it's ready to update!


rsfkgdjfn im screaming i god three negative what does this mean im FUNNY okay 

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Does anyone know at what hour it will be released approximately? I'm asking because I'm French and there's a time difference of 6 hours with the US, so if it's released at like 9pm I won't be able to play it before the next day since it will already be 3am here. No pressure from me, I just want to know if I can expect to play the episode today :)


It'll be released in the evening for the US, so likely the wee hours of the morning for those in Europe!

Too bad I was hoping they'd release it in the morning or early in the afternoon, I'll play it tomorrow then. Thanks for the answer ! :)

So excited....!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you! I was replaying Star Crossed Lovers to gear up for this, guh!


I have missed Calderon so much...I can't wait until next week! Thank you for updating us!


I'm so excited to meet Vexx! 😘

And I can't wait to spend more time with June and Damon! 😊

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*hyperventilates* 11 days! Eeee! Yes yes yes, thank you. I've been starved for Damon, Calderon, and June since the Valentine dlc. <3 Plus, totally looking forward to getting to know Vexx. I love me a redhead boy. <3

Please continue to stay safe and healthy. And thank you. =)








y e s


Can't wait to get shouted on by the captain!! and finally flirt with Vexx!! :D

Thank you for working hard in these crazy times. Hope the whole team's safe and sound! <3


Yeah I'm so excited and looking forward to this episode :D thank you for your hard work!!!