Infinite Stars | a sci-fi story🚀

We're thrilled to share some exciting news with all of you!

Our friends over at Infinite Stars launched their new episode earlier today. For a limited time, they've agreed to make all their in-game Patreon content publicly available to everyone, including all of our Andromeda Six fans and followers!

So grab the game and give them a follow on!

Infinite Stars only recently started adding Amare content to their game, and we're excited to see where it will lead. You'll see what we mean when you give it a try 😊

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Forgive me but don't really understand "Amare"---is that Incest or Gay/Lesbian or???     (race/color???)


Amare is a sub-genre of romance Visual Novels (similar to Otome) that focuses on diversity and inclusivity. You can find out more here.


sorry didn't help much.      But played game----*GREAT START!*   (pretty sure even a 10  yo kid would find nothing offensive)
[there's some *REALLY* GRAPHIC* games out there kids R playing!] 

"Amare"  means,    "everybody's more accepting loving & nicer to everybody else"    then I welcome it.     [well,  *HUMANS*  at least;    Let's let    Aliens be  the bad guys for a change...]
(kids watch very violent cartoons---& we wonder why HATE & VIOLENCE is so widespread & accepted today.  


Short version: Amare is a tag for dating sims that splits from Otome games, because some of the Otome community wants it to stay focused on GxB, with some leeway for Gxother genders. To allow for inclusive gender choices for the playable character, the Amare tag was created.



->  Earth to women:  
There's some guys who like romance too!    [not sure about aliens, but...]


If I understand it correctly, an "Amare"  story could have a Male/Female/(?)  Robot  MC?


THANKS  Andro six!


Hey when R/L *SUCKS,*  get some good Sci-Fi!  :-)


If I understand correctly, I just have to download the game and I will have direct access to the Patreon content?


Exactly <3

There should be a status bar on the top of the screen showing disabled or enabled - and it should be saying enabled! :)


Okay, thank you so much for answer me! <3


hey isn’t the design of the space ship for Infinite Stars like modeling or was inspired by The Rosinante from The Expanse? Oh and by the way to all who have not seen The Expanse you need to check it out it’s on Amazon Prme, and it’s an Amazon Original.

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I actually did a whole write up about the ship!

A lot of thought went into the design, and you can see the process here.

I agree about The Expanse. It's a must watch! <3

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I'm always keen for some good sci-fi, specially if it includes some bl romance. I'll definitely give this a try while still happily waiting to rescue Vexx and murder the one responsible. =P


oh idk them, i give it a try thks !