Episode 6 Update

An update on Episode 6: we are currently beta testing Part One of the Episode ๐Ÿš€

If you'd like to get a sneak peek at Part One early, it's currently available to play for our Patrons on the Peg'asi tier!


(Note: Part One covers the first 25% of Episode 6).

In order to complete the Episode as soon as possible we are finishing and testing it in THREE parts, and development is moving fairly quickly at the moment.

We'll be back with another progress update in January!

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I am in love with this game, but it is way past January and im just wondering if theres an update or?


Finally started this game and I am in LOVE. That cliffhanger tho! My poor heart! 

Cannot to see what you have happen next. 

i'm so excited omg i CANNOT WAIT. the chokehold this game has me in 


I am so excited!! :D


I've been waiting eagerly for episode 6 all these months so this is a wonderful holiday present from you guys! ^.^
Keep up the amazing work, & I can't wait for the next peek in January! <3


woooo!! cannot wait for the episode 6 release!!