Episode 6 Patch 6.1

A new patch has been uploaded for Andromeda Six Episode Six.

In the patch 6.1 you will find the following fixes:

- Ryona's one on one scene no longer skips to the next day.
- Vexx's one on one scene no longer skips to the next day.
- Jealousy lines from June and Damon have been removed (temporarily - these need a more complex coding system to work efficiently, and will be added back in a future update.)
- Final group CG has been added to the gallery.
- Sprite errors have been fixed.
- Minor typos and grammar errors have been fixed.


AndromedaSix6.1-pc.zip 620 MB
May 14, 2022
AndromedaSix6.1-mac.zip 585 MB
May 14, 2022
AndromedaSix6.1-linux.tar.bz2 592 MB
May 14, 2022

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The Ryona route still skipped to the next day for me and it lists the game as up to date.  I'm not upset, I know your working hard and I love the game just wanted to let you know. I'm excited to read it

Ryona's one on one scene is working fine in the current patch version. If you're downloading the game from the itch.io app, try uninstalling and redownload the game. It's possible that the game files may have gotten corrupted during the update.

That worked! Thank you

i just consumed this chapter! I've bought both DLC as I just NEED more content. Out of curiosity, how many chapters do you plan to release?


We plan on having 10 episodes, but we may add more if needed.


Ryona's casual outfit is so flippin' gorgeous, SHE'S so flipping gorgeous, and amazing, thank you, thank you, thank you!! <3


I can't tell you how excited I am to finally play episode six. It is such an amazing story! Keep up the good work! Can't wait until the episode.


The title for Vexx's one on one scene is 100% what it should be - perfect, perfect, PERFECT! ♥︎
Few VNs have this developmental level of emotional intimacy between their characters, and this is why A6 is a gem that should be treasured.
I can't wait for the next episode to be released!
Keep up the amazing work team! ^.^

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not a spoiler but if you save your game just as you go to the infirmary after vexx has received a blood transfussion the title for the save is "my money don't jiggle jiggle it folds" and I've had a fit of hysterical laughter for five good minutes.  thanks a6 team


omg i finally got to play the vexx and ryona scenes theyre so cute and perfect omg T^T


I played again and tried to get the one on one scene with Vexx and it still doesn't happen. Do I have to restart the whole game?


If you're manually downloading the game then you may have to make sure all of your 6.0 files are deleted on your computer before downloading 6.1, as sometime the game can pick up older files (for some strange reason).


oh and I thought there was no Vexx one on one scene because he was injured :O welp guess what I'm going to do now :D Keep up the good work! <3


we have more time with our carrot boi, now that's what I call a treat :)


And what a treat it is! I'm a total sucker for Damon but somehow I especially love Vexx's one on one scene :3