Andromeda Six - Episode 3 | AVAILABLE NOW

The fateful encounter you had outside of The Arc sparks something in you...

What will you do with the knowledge bestowed upon you this time? How will the crew who took you in after finding you in the middle of a civil war react to your truth? Your actions might not be enough to overcome some deep rooted preconceptions from some of your crew mates, as only time can heal some wounds...

Discover what awaits your Traveler now, on Episode 3 - REBOOTING...!


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i- this game is too good for my own sake I got too carried by it and cried ... a lot of time and I still esitate between Vexx and Cal way TT . Idk wich one I鈥檒l choose honestly but for real this is such a good game and all of the jokes are really good :,)) 芦 looks dangerous for you to sleep alone 禄 or something like that urgh I got chills anyway I look forward for episode 5 . >< 

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When I got this I didn't realize it was only on episode 3. I was just excited for a space adventure! When I got to the end of episode 3 and sent back to the main menu my heart DROPPED. I was like wah! Especially since I am pursuing the person who's planet we are traveling to next!! *cries*.... 

Edit: Just saw that Episode 4 is indeed out.... need to update!


Also , why did Vexx have to do us like that!!! I was all into him only for my heart to shatter lol but like... if this is the 7th mysterious RO which I'm assuming he is very much so then I have no idea who I'm gonna decide on as my first route option *sweat drop* 

it was an really interesting chapter! Thank you for the update <3 

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Just finished playing for the 100th time because I LOVE this game and can't seem to stop thinking about it! 馃ぃ I didn't think I would like this game as much as I do, the story and the characters are just amazing, and the art *chef kiss*. I love it so much.

Ok but now, I'd like to drop my random thoughts about this episode, so... This is going to be a bit long, srry...


Also, english's not my first language, so I'm sorry if I mispell something or make grammatical mistakes!

Ok ok ok. First... Vexx. Why. I didn't expect that at all, but now my Traveler's little heart is all broken, as well as mine!! I mean, it seemed so obvious once it happened... But yeah, it's just, so sad... But I LOVE IT, I LOVE THIS DRAMA馃槶 I mean, I have this grudge against him because trAItOR. BUT. I 'm really excited to see how he's going to develop as a character, I have my hopes up already hahaha!

Still, it's going to be a really complicated situation. I mean, he did lied to MC and, well, to all the people in the palace, to then help this evil dude kill the royal family. TRAVELER'S FAMILY! OUR FAMILY!!  And even so, it seems like he still cares about Traveler to some degree...? And if so, what is it that keeps him on Zovack's side, who is said to be a dictator or smth like that? I mean, Vexx himself said that Nerissa would've been a good queen, but that they couldn't wait for that moment to come. Does that mean that he wants a good ruler for Seleota, but also supports evil guy Zovack? Weird! And I don't think we even know thaat much about Zovack, just what people say about him, so that's going to be really interesting too! Or maybe I'm just confusing myself...

The thing is, I want to see Vexx beg for our forgiv--I mean I want to see him redeem himself. 'Kay I do want to see him become a good person, and maybe join the Amaranth crew 馃憠馃憟馃様 I mean, look at him, he even has the hexagon pattern on his clothes!!! Anyways, I wonder if Traveler will forgive him that easily. Hm.

But moving on...

The characters reactions. I don't think the way they handled the situation was really, um, well, that bad? Like, yeah, Damon wanted to turn MC over to Zovack, and I don't say that's a good thing (it was rlly sad, actually) but just think about it... We actually are just a stranger who's been around for less than a week! (if I remember correctly) We might love them, and they might like us, but bonds still need to be developed imo. In Damon's case, look at his background, how's it a guy who's grown in a "hell-like" place such as Cursa could be super attached to Traveler when, I suppose, he's learned not to trust easily in order to survive?? 馃 He said "having you around has been... fun and all, but..." and he's already busy trying to protect the Astrometer crew, those that are, at least, closer to him, so it's just survival instinct I think. Then again, I don't want to be sold lol and it's really shocking to know that he's willing to do it, but I'm not mad at him u know.

For the rest of the team, I think it was clear that Aya, Bash and Ryona would be more comprehensive on the situation. Calderon on the other hand... Woah 馃ぃ it was kinda unexpected how calm he was! AND SO CUTE! I just hope he actually wanted to apologize for his attitude since before he knew Traveler was from the royal family, I think that's the case, but idk. Now, June... Oh, June, you poor little traumatized vendetta cowboy I luv u so much I don't want you to suffer but pls don't ignore me... 馃様 June's reaction might just be my favorite, it's just... So tragic... So unexpected... I don't know how to say it, but I really liked this twist to the image we had of him! Now it's time to gain his trust again...........馃様馃様

oH AND OK OPPO???? That handsome lizard looks suspicious... But at the same time, I don't want to believe anything just yet, people is just so complex in this game haha! I told them the truth about the encounter with the Avalanche crew anyways, now I wait for a sign that they won't be turning Traveler over to Zovack or something lol; if they do, it's ok, I'll just hope that Vexx comes to say some mean things again or whatever 馃馃様.

I think that was pretty much what I had in mind. I'm reading almost every option possible so I get to know the characters better, but still not sure about romancing already or which character to go for, cuz it doesn't feel right just yet, I like slow-burn romance hahaha! Sometimes the flirt options sound more like the way my Traveler would react though, so it's interesting 馃ぃ.

Anyways, you are doing a FANTASTIC job!!! I get reaally immersed in this sci fi world, it' awesome, it shows what an amazing team you are <3! Now that really is all I had to say akdsjf. Hope you are taking proper care of yourselves!


Also still waiting 2 see June's pet.........

That was awesome!!!!! Thank you!!!!!

Hi, I just bought chapter 3? I think? cuz I went to the chapter 3 release link. I am assuming that shows you chapter 3 of the game. I bought it, downloaded. I extracted it to the same folder I got andromeda six 2.0....and the new folder says andromeda six 2.0 too. I read other's comment saying that it was supposed to say 3.0? could someone help me?

Yep mine said that too should be fine

yes. I went back to check. I am able to  start chapter 3 now, too.


Hi! I loved the first two chapters of the game. But for some reason, when I downloaded A6 again, I went through the first two chapters and then the game sent me back to the title page? Is it something wrong with my computer, or is it Itch's problem?


I'm not sure if this is any help but you should have another file that says Andromeda six 3 (if you downloaded it) while the other says Andromeda six 2, just click onto Andromeda six 3 and that should to take you to a version of the game with the 3rd episode

Hmm...I got a zip file and opened it (with an app) and it spat out the whole game tho

did you specifically download Andromeda 3 zip file?


yeah i found it haha

thank you!!

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Consider yourself warned!

First, that was an awesome episode. Most of the crew (I'll be getting to that in a minute) proved to be the kind of people the princess can trust. Calderon was a huge surprise. In fact, I think my girl is shifting her train to that track. 

That leads me to Damon. 

Okay, so my MC had the hots for Damon from the time she laid eyes on him. How could she not? Assassin? Check. Hot? Check. Dresses all in black? Check. Has that smirk and smile and reminds me of Damon from TVD? How the hell could my MC look at anyone else? Especially Calderon, when he was such a freaking dick. 

Then there's this episode. 

And I don't think Damon can be redeemed. My MC couldn't bring herself to flirt with him after he'd suggested turning her over to the freaking man who murdered her family and would, undoubtedly, murder her, too. Probably after raping and torturing her. And Damon was all for it. 

Then, on top of it,  he still seems like he wants to do it.  As a reader--despite what he's been through in his life, and how he grew up--I find him irredeemable, at this point. My MC just wants to avoid him. Ugh, that path is ruined.

Worse, I could barely stomach to get through the conversation with him. There should've at least been an option to tell him to go eff himself. And to tell him you decided you'd rather answer to Calderon than him. Honestly, my MC wants absolutely nothing to do with Damon now. Nothing.

So yay for Calderon's path. I'm sad over Damon, though. 

And Vexx? Screw that guy. I hope the princess has the opportunity to cut his nards off and stuff them down his throat.


I have a question. are we buying not the full game but per chapter? I just need some clarification and how many chapters are you making in total

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I have to say, it feels a bit... much, how every character decides to share their backstory in a single episode. It felt a little forced and way too much information of the same kind, one after the other. 


I do agree a little with that. It was just like, OK...sudden exposition time for this episode. xD And then episode over.

Thank you so much!!!! I really love your game, I was so excited for this chapter to come that Ihave been even anxious. Thanks for the hard work and the dedication that you put in every single part of it.

That episode was a total rollercoaster, lol! I absolutelly love this game, and seems like it never fails to leave me anxious for the next one. Again, amazing job, can't wait to see more of those characters  :)

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I cannot believe I have to wait some unknown amount of months now for the next chapter after THAT ending. o_o


Oh god, heart............YOU KNOW YOU LOVE MY MC! I seriously saw this coming after the 'traitor' option in the Valentine DLC. I was kinda hoping it was more he betrayed the new ruler to look for MC. Not the very predictable, I was using you all along cause I'm actually evil troupe. >8(   Course, despite his claims, he also didn't bother to actually kill the last remaining threat to his 'boss'. (you secretly love MC, you know it, Vexx.)

Seriously, though. I was practically in tears the whole episode. My mental image of my MC about 90% of the time was him curled up hugging his knees to his chest, on the verge of tears. And then Damon, Vexx, and June had to shred my heart further. Oh god. Also, noticed immediately that Damon and Vexx share opposing eyebrow scars.

Seriously, what whacky world is there where Calderon is the one that actually comes along to soothe and comfort MC first? *shock*

But worst of all...JUNE! You cruel emo butthead! MC is the youngest of the children. Youngest! You vicious jerk. You're actions were a far greater betrayal then even Vexx! T_T

Now, time to replay the third chapter about four more times to see everything from the perspective of romaning Damon, Calderon, Bash, and June. (first play was attempting a romance with Vexx) xD



Here I am emo af because June is rejecting/shutting us out and the game comes up with the decision:

Confront Him

Reason with Him

Well shit. Of course my paranoid, everything has to be prefect ass HAS to save so I don't f*ck it up. 




I know, right. I think June's reaction was the most heartbreaking betrayal, even over Vexx or Damon. xD

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Poor MC!

I feel for MC!

After all, MC is taking the anger directed toward the King and Queen. I know the King and Queen weren't the best rulers, but people should understand that MC and his/her siblings hadn't any political power to right the wrongs ... yet

So, I hope MC reclaims his/her throne and takes revenge on those that betrayed the Peg'asi family. Some say you can choose your family, others say you can't choose your family. Regardless MC is bound by blood to the Peg'asi birthright and should focus on fulfilling his/her duty as amends for causing their untimely deaths. 

I want MC to step up, not to take the 'easier' way out. I don't believe MC can escape who he/she is or who he/she was/is meant to be. I think that if MC spends more time traveling to these impoverished parts, then MC can find a way to help those in need as the new reigning king/queen and build a better legacy for his/her family. 


Sorry to kinda ruin your rant a bit, but this is SUPER spoilery so if you could just put a spoiler warning up before your rant, that'll be perfect for people that haven't played this/the newest chapter yet


I put a spoiler warning.


lads ........


We Made It, Comrades


I can't wait to play, but I have to take my exam first! 馃槄

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