Episode 4 Note

Friendly reminder that Episode 4 won't work without replaying Episode 3 after the patch release (version 3.1)! 

If possible, you should prioritize updating it through the itch.io app, but if you do it through the website, you don鈥檛 have to replace all the files on the old folder, simply open the .exe file from the Episode 4 folder that was just downloaded.

The correct version (with Episode 4 available) should have the A6 Pride Logo on the main menu!

EDIT: If you have played through 3.1 and are still having trouble getting Episode 4  to work, trying deleting your old files and simply using the files you get when you download the new Episode.

This won鈥檛 delete any of your save files, but because we鈥檝e encrypted our scripts this time to prevent people going through them, this is most likely what is causing the issues.

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I figured this may be better posted here bc it's still happening after the release of chapter 5 and replaying from the beggning. There's a bug in chapter 4 when you go through cursa with Damon and Ry. when Vexx finds you in the alley after you've escaped, and you're telling them you know him MC is thinking to themselves but the dialogue looks like they're talking outloud:

I just played through ch4 and wow it's so gooood!

I originaly didn't think I'd end up going for Calderon but his smile just got my heart 

and the flirting too my heart aahhhhh

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the emotional complexity...







 june's breakdown...........god. god fucking DAMN IT ALL, that ached. i originally chose to basically stay mad at him (but let him explain), and the game kept crashing every time - but on my full re-play of ep 3 onwards, when i finally got to hear his side... holy fuckballs. holy shit. all i could think about was how he saved me/the MC; how kind he was; how good and... i mean. i wasn't raised in a lab, experimented on by people who were only parents in name, but i know what its like to be used, abused, dehumanised and discarded by the people you want so desperately to love you - who're meant to love you. i know loss. i know survival, and the things you do and end justifying over and over to survive. i know what that does to people, and this game is so skilfully, compassionately exploring it all - while pulling off some of the best world building i've ever experienced in a VN game... dare i say, at this point, the best - and i'm just. astounded. and so so so so so so so happy that i'm alive to play this game.

also: good god i'm such a massive mf lesbian and alisa is .. she's damon! as a woman! and i want to romance her but here i am romancing damon instead but now i'm gonna be thinking 'omg what if i could romance her......... AND damon' and i know i can't BUT I WANT ..... i desire T-T instead, though, i'm splitting my time between. uh. all the LIs p much but esp ryona, calderon, damon and now i'm over being disgustingly angry with him, june. all in all - i'm gay, and happily deeply head over heels in LOVE with this game. ty for another amazing chapter - i can't wait for the next one!!!!!!!


T-T i keep getting a "nameerror: name "[insert A6 character name} is not defined" error at a certain point with almost every character and it's driving me up the WALL ,, pls,,, help

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Have you replayed Episode 3 in your saved game since the 3.1 patch has been released? That can also be a reason for the error. I would suggest making sure all those old A6 files are deleted besides the new Episode 4 ones, and then doing a quick replay of Episode 3 ( you can use skip to get through it quickly) and then save your game there before heading into Episode 4. 

I did try replaying it, but not deleting the old A6 files - i presume you mean I need to delete the old A6 file that's stored on my computer, not my old save files?

nvm, fixed it!!! (the ep's amazing btw)


Yay glad to hear you figured it out! And thank you :)


bitch, i am fucking crying, this game played a game with my emotions sooooooo damn hard ;-; and now i am so anxious for something more ;-; also, is it possible to make the MC "visible" ?  like a photo of him/she, or an pic of an interaction with the other characters?

Like, when you go on June route, the scene that the MC kiss June, i really missed a pic of it happenig, it would be very cool, and maybe the game should be like Amourous, in the MC thihng, like, in amourous you can chose the apearence of the MC, and the game shows the MC, and it is always the same thing that you have made in the character creation, its just a sugestion but it would be very cool.

P.S- i am from brazil so, sorry if something is written wrong, also, i really love your game <3 

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bro I'm literally sobbing rn I never thought I'd love a game THIS much. When Damon pulled out the (spolier) I just fell off my bed lmao how dare you play me like this dammitttt. This game is interesting as hell and the romance pulls my heart justhe right way, so I'll deff be putting some money on this as soon as I can.

Just one thing tho. I wish there could be more "species related" dialogue. Like, if I'm a tilaari I'd very much like to know when my skin is glowing thank you very much lol

PS: pls keep letting me making the MC blush on Damon's route 'cause I think it fits their dynamic really well!


God I know what you mean about the romance. Aya's route is really fun and just the right amount of sweet. I didn't realize the game was still in development when I started it, so when I got to the end of EP4 I was like "Wut?" It's killing me that I'll have to wait for the next episode, but it's worth the wait to see Aya's route to completion x3


omggg Aya's route is sooo fun and sweet. I almost ditched Damon on the first playthrough for her lol I mean, this whole "forgotten, hidden last prince/princess" concept hits a very specific trope that I absolutely LOVE (y'know the one), and honestly? Otome games for the most part do a damn crappy and cringey job with that trope, but this game is using it beautifully. Like, idk about others but in visual novels I like to create a character for the story rather then inserting myself on it lol so yeah, Aya/Damon's persona fits really well with that whole blushing princess/prince thingy (although  Aya's a bit different, more foward and fun I'd say) so excuse me while I go make my OC blush and ugly sob like the cute little emotional mess I made her to be lmaooo 

Sorry for the long reply ahahah I just wanted to talk about it to someone XD


omg am i the only one who likes calderon? everyone talks about damon lol

god calderon is just almost too smoldering to handle! i love the flirts between him and a flirty/rebellious MC most


when will the next part be out 


Liking the game so far. My favorite Love Interest is Bash, though I'm curious to know if Vexx will be a love interest...


Yes, Vexx was confirmed as the seventh and "mystery" love interest.


I'm so hooked on this game but i decided to wait a bit until more episodes are out.. Can you tell me how many episodes are there going to be in total?

Love the work so far <3


This game is so good so far, i was really surprised. The story is really interresting and all the characters are awesome. I went with Damon on this first run. All the characters are intriguing but i almost kinda regret going with him first coz i liked that jerk so much lol. I wish we could see what the mc looks like tho. Are you planning on  giving them appearances at some point? I mean, i guess that would mean 9 different looks you have to draw but... well, if mc ever kisses someone, is it just gonna be text (like in a certain flash back) or will we get to see it illustrated?

Either way, i guess i'm into the story too much to stop now xD but i'm visual and would looove seeing mc :)


Read the chapter 4, it was interesting, going more into action territory which is fun. I'll try to keep it as short as possible, maybe some of it will be useful.
First i would really like to say, if possible please stop reverting main character to default "blushy UwU" thing, every interaction that was without player input reverts you into Otome 16 year old school girl, that blushes from the look of the persen she likes(for exaple, how character looks at the floor and blushes, in Damon route) who the hell does that, the character is not 16 old teenager, that reaction was the cringiest thing i ever read.
I'm not sure if i am wrong regarding that, but i imagine the game oriented for the straight women audience? Because the character creation screen has really small feminine frame and the game has 5 male romances and only 2 women? That's a little one sided. Plus many interactions with the Main Character seems like they came straight from harem anime or a cliche romance novel. Some of the characters are interesting, even side characters. Either way i hope i didn't sound rude, sorry if i did, it was not my intention. Good luck with your project and stay safe. <3

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All due respect, but a lot about your comment rubbed me the wrong way.

I felt that, quite honestly, the developers put a lot of consideration into the romance dialogue options, in that they gave you an option for  a "bolder" flirt and a "softer" flirt. As for the reactions, maybe you don't react that way, and I'm sure there are plenty of others who don't, but again the developers have put in a lot of work to make the characters and the MC dynamic.  Maybe it's a building point for character development in the future, maybe it's not. Who knows? Everyone is different, and this is just the characterization they crafted for the MC.

Again, I mean no disrespect, but your comment wasn't criticism in that it wasn't constructive and was a tad insensitive of the time they put into their work - you didn't point out anything good other than that it was interesting. Criticism relies on an equal balance of noting and explaining both the good and the bad. You repeatedly put the game down in ways that are not easy to build from, for example "who the hell does that, the character is not a 16 year old teenager, the reaction was the cringiest thing I ever read," and "...seems like they came straight from harem anime or a cliche romance novel." This isn't criticism, it's just a complaint about something that you don't like. There is a huge, huge difference in saying "this is so bad, this is so cringy, I hate they way you did this," and "I think this can be worked on, maybe you can do this instead..."

I hope I didn't sound rude as well, that wasn't my intention either.  And I don't want it to feel like I'm calling you out or anything, but these are just my opinions as someone who writes critiques for a living! I hope you're staying well!


Don't worry, it's no problem! i will try to word my thoughts better in the future and more constructive plus add the stuff that i enjoyed, there is a lot of enjoy after all, but some of my thought still the same, all the direct optons so far are only in player choice and the rest goes back to   shy/blush and there are a lot of it. I wasn't trying to put down or disrespect the hard work, after all, i am no critic, only express my thoughs. In the end it's up to devs to deside what they want to wright So i apologize if i seemed too harsh, stay safe as well <3


Thank you for being so understanding!

And definitely, I absolutely understand where you're coming from as well! I wish you the best!


OMG I just got this and spend 6 hours of my life to get to a clifhanger XD But I wont complain, the story is way too good and I havent been invested like this in a game for so long I aint even sorry I have to wait for episode 6., I need more Damon in my life. In the mean time I have one Capitan America, I mean, Captain Calderon to snatch


wow this game really gives me star wars the old republic vibes, love it


I downloaded this last night and finished it today :c I thought it was the whole game, but now I have to wait until the next chapters release. I bought the DLC because I love it so much. Looking forward to the next chapter!

Where's the best place to stay updated on new chapters? I downloaded a bunch of stuff off of itch bc i wanted garbage but I wasn't expecting this incredible gem ^^ can't wait for new chaps <3

Also if the opportunity ever arises, it'd be an absolute honor for me to work alongside script writers as an editor.  Please contact me if you ever need assistance or an example of my work. :)

i believe they have a tumblr! but idk much about any other platforms :/

i hope that helped!

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hi, i was just wondering if anyone knew if certain romances were locked off for certain race and gender combinations. i really wanted to play as a male but i also want to romance calderon so  ._.


Regardless of the pronouns/race you choose, you can romance anyone ^^


episode four in June's route just broke my heart but warmed it at the same time. Damn, I love this boy so much and I will always protect him I swear 馃槶 Also, I kinda like Vexx and Damon now, they might be assholes but after this episode they definitely deserve a hug,,, Can't wait for the next episode! 


Whoever rights these...just know... You are my personal hero lmaoooo  




I love ya'll so much 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃挄


and all the muffin man references, I swear to god I love those devs

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