Episode 5 Update

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for your support with 'Tea Time With Oppo' and the love surrounding it, we had so much fun creating that DLC! We really wanted to take the chance to do something fun and fluffy while we could, as when we head into Episode 5 we will be delving into some darker, more hard-hitting topics.

We don't  give out dates for the Episodes until we know for sure when we can release them, so all we can say so far is that our plans are for a November release. We will give a fixed date as soon as we can, and update you if this plan changes at all. This Episode is gearing up to be the biggest one yet, with 4 new backgrounds, new sprites and variations, and a huge NINE new CGs.

Every member of our dev team has either a day job or other projects/work that also require our attention, so while we wish we could work on A6 full-time, it's simply not feasible, and this accounts for the irregular releases. We do, however, put as much work into the game as we can, and we will try to keep you more updated on progress for the coming Episode, as we can see you enjoy that!

You can also visit us on Patreon, where we have started sharing sneak peeks and insights into Episode 5, and will continue to do so until release.

Thanks again to all of our players! And we'll see you soon with some more news and updates :)

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Hey my files don't show the update can anyone help? It only lets me update the 4.0 version instead of 5

same :/

Hi! I just started playing and wanted to join Patreon but it wouldn't load the link. It said page not found, any way to fix that?

Nevermind, found you!

this may be a dumb question, but do I need to redownload the game to get the new ep or will it update automatically? again sorry if I'm just being dumb

If you're using the itch.io app it should update automatically, but if you manually download the game then yes, you will have to download again.


Is there any update on the data?

The game is so great


I love this game.  



Can't wait till episode 5 comes out, this will be the only thing on my mind for a while :3


I just finished episode 4 and I LOVE THIS GAME WTF! So excited for the next episode and the ones after that. While playing the game, I couldn't help but think that this would be an awesome show! It has a very interesting story line and the characters are amazing. Keep up the good work!

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I am addicted to this game, NGGGGH <333 I just finished ep 4 and thus far, I LOVE IT TO BITS!! the writing, the dialogue, the realistic and lovable charas, the compelling overarching storyline, great supporting (and romanceable?) charas -BIG wins in my book. :D Looking forward to mooooore. Might I know how many episodes you plan in total?

(also may I pretty pls have a link to the Discord?)


The music is absolutely well timed  and well coded in, the art is exquisite and the universe interesting to learn about. The Characters are strong, fleshed out and their stories are unfolding little by little. I've never wished so hard to be able to play a Polyamorous route, but as far as I understood it won't be happening. However I can say that there was some wiggle room and hopefully it'll get indeed confirmed in chapter 5 that I could play out having a crush/having been more than friends on/with Vexx but still pursue Damon at the end cos this would be my goal. 

in any case keep up the good work y'all are wonderful and fabulous !


sometimes i get so immersed in this game that when i get booted back to the menu it's like waking from a deep sleep. like, 'wait, where am i again?'




biiiiiiiig mood.


For the whole duration of my gameplay i totally forgot that this was NOT a finished game, until the start screen appeared on my face. Great work in everything design, soundtrack, story and specially character personality/ development. Heck Aya and Bash that i disliked at first glance in the end i really loved. 
No need to rush, just keep up and dont stop. 


Well i'll be looking forward for the development, this is probably the best visual novel I've ever played, everything seems so polished and truly shines while playing, I couldn't stop playing once I started it, the need of sleep is the only reson why I just take a break after "finishing" the first route but I'll try all the other routes on the next days, my chest was full of emotions while playing, damn I can't stop smiling after all that happened in my journey with this game so far. can't wait for the next updates, if Cyberpunk was my most waited game now A6 is in that place and will remains like that until finished 


I never really leave comments...but I gotta say for this one I have to. Truly a magnificent piece of art. Lets just say that an otome that has me even turning lesbian because the story and characters are so well written, has surpassed my expectations. And I really love that the romance has you leaving blushing behind the screen even if its really a simple hug or gesture. It is that well written and I love that we have voices in matters and so many choices. The art is beautiful and it gives you a very nice bitterwarm feeling. As how you'd feel lost in space. I cannot for the love of god wait until this game is fully finished. On that note do we know how many chapters will be in total? (Gotta finally kiss Damon PLEASEEE ahahahha...my heart cannot take any more of this push pull)


Ok, so I have never ever registered to leave a comment, even on YouTube >_> (I know I'm behind times but it never bothered me) BUT I just HAD to register in order to leave a comment here and that is to say: this game is a masterpiece. Music, ambience, writing, script, humor, characters developement, personality options for the MC, visual art style, plot, it's all just perfect. This must have taken so much time and dedication to put together and I want to let the developers know that they have an amazing talent that beats numerous Big Company games that are on digital distribution services. I haven't played a game that consumed me wholly is ages, and this game just lures you in and gets you hooked. (I absolutely love the plot and the characters to bits). I can't wait until the next chapter is released (and they're super long so it's even more amazing!) yet alone the whole game. I can't afford a montly subscription due to high currency rate of exchange but I'll do my best to make donations whevener I can. I truly wish to support such great talent however I can! My best and deepest regards to the team and I just can't wait to see the game finished as it's amazing in every way. Thank you for sharing your time and talent and letting us endulge in this gem of a game! :D THANK YOU!


The perks of being an adult: opening a paypal account :D! Finally got the money to buy the Valentine DLC. Got cocoa and snacks and this perfect game to play, can this evening get any better? xD Me going after Damon:

  cheers! XD


To be honest, I'm not the type of player that play a visual novel until it's finished, but I completely fallen in love with the characters and the universe that the team created!   I'm excited to play the new episode in November so good luck :)


I love A6 and I wanna know how delete the saves.
Have a nice day!
(And sorry for my English, it isn't my mother language).


Approximately how many episodes will there be total?

Heya there!

I didn't know where else to contact you so I'm doing it via a comment. I'm a HUGE fan of Andromeda Six, not gonna lie. I'm also a young Freelance Translator trying to make a name for myself  and all that. And I thought it might be a fun project for me to work on a French localization of your game! So I wanted to know if, maybe, that could be something you might be into? Let me know if it is, because I'm very excited by the idea myself! 

Have a good day ♥

Hello! Our contact information, including our business  email, is on all of our game pages, and would be the best place to send through requests like these. Currently, since the game is still in early development, we are not considering having it translated into other languages. Thank you for the interest!

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very excited, i downloaded the game thinking the story was complete, i dont think i read far enough into the facts, so when i got through chapter 4 i thought there was a bug, glad to see that everythings working and im very excited to play through some other routes and scenarios while i wait for chapter 5. [i am curious, is alisa going to be an option later or are we sticking with just the crew and vexx?]

Thanks for playing anyway! Alisa is simply a side character, there will be no other LI's added to the game.

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