Episode 5 Update 21/11

Just jumping in with a quick update on the progress of Episode 5! While we are definitely further behind with our work for the episode than we planned on being at this stage, we are still working hard on getting it done as soon as we can, and will not be giving out a release date until we are certain that it will be ready on time.

We’re currently sharing sneak peeks and spoilers over on our Patreon, and are planning a special Tier Reward for our Mercenary Tier and above very soon: early access to play the first couple of scenes of Episode 5!

For everyone who is waiting for the next episode: you’ve been waiting so patiently, and we are so grateful for that! 

As a small thank you, we’d like to give you a sneak peek at a couple of new sprites that will be added to the game in Episode 5! These might give you a clue about what’s in store in the next installment...

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it's already February ...


Any updates on episode 5? It's getting sooo hard to wait!!

Calderon is sooo hot I can't even my eyes have been blessed- love this art and story!!!


Ryoba's the hottest, I will here no further arguments.


Is... June going Hulk? 😮

I now know why I am somehow torn between June and Vexx... Lab rats. The trauma and their gentle core? Yup, I'm sold (also, very aesthetically pleasing, must I say, teehee).

I've been waiting for this for months, but coronavirus only made the wait much more apparent (the months that seemed like a couple of weeks before are now the opposite, but we are doing our best and this game is definitely there for our fragile hearts <3 I love it! Good job!)


Who did this to my baby June???  I sure do hope they can run fast enough

(1 edit) (+6)

Just finished downloading this yesterday night and finished this game today! Can't wait for the next episode and for the whole story to be out <3  Damon is really growing on me (but ofc Bash and Vexx as well) Amazing job, Wanderlust Games! 

Gotta now get that dlc :3 

(Also Damon is now my new dp)


I adore June with all my heart and all I'm saying... is that whoever did it... OwO You in trouble.


oh no. o h n o.


oh yes


yaaaaaaas I can taste the drama already *evil laugh* my heart is so ready XD Thank you so much for working so hard at this! <3 Y'all are wonderful!


Just started playing this game like...yesterday and finished it already. It's so good! I'm in love with all the characters and, just when I think I'm done with them, they swoop back in and steal my HEART. Can't wait for more.


June flipped a switch


A friend of mine turned me onto this VN a couple days ago and I just barely finished episode 4--I love everything about it and I cannot wait to see ep 5 and get to lock in a romance and see where the story takes us! Also oh gods those sprites scare me, I can't wait for the PAIN


ikr XD gimme that sweet taste of agony I signed up for (~O u Ó)~

i just finished playing through all the episodes this past night and i eagerly wait to see what comes next. everything is coming together amazingly and the storyline is *chefs kiss*. i can't wait!!


Excited for the next episode! Love the sprites, can't wait to comfort poor Vexx and get him back to his snarky self.


Finally, my days of checking andromeda six's itch.io page every day paid off.. Can't wait for the next episode, I found out this game two weeks ago and this is one of the very few visual novels that is in a high quality in pretty much every area- I'll be patiently waiting for Episode 5, man I can't wait till Stella (Traveler) will have to comfort June with his mental breakdown..


100% doing the same! I can't name how many times I checked back on the itch.io page!


Same here! xD I'm super duper exited for the next episode. Cheers to the team! :D


the Andromeda six's itch.io page, seeing me for hundredth time this month: *sIGH*


I feel you man, I feel you.


I've been playing this game for a while now, and it is amazing. The characters, the music, the art, everything basically! I'm so excited to play episode 5 soon. :D


I've waited this long. won't kill me to wait a bit longer. super excited for episode 5, but can safely be tied over with imagining what scenes these sprites will be connected to ^_^


I am so excited for Episode 5, I'm practically bouncing!! Please don't feel rushed, we're all patient as heck and excited to see what amazingness y'all make. Also...who hurt June and who do I have to hurt??

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