Episode 5 Available Now!

Andromeda Six: Episode 5 is Available Now!


Hi everyone! The time has finally come, Episode 5 is now available. We had a few hiccups near the end there, but we've worked through it, and are so excited to share this update with you! 

 A big thank you to those of you who have been patient and supportive of us while waiting for the new Episode. As you know, we are a small indie dev team who spends our spare time creating the game, Andromeda Six, for you to enjoy for free. 

 Things don't always go the way we plan, but we always do our best, and we thank those of you who acknowledge and understand that 馃殌 

A reminder on how to download the new update:

Itch.io App

If you play A6 through the itch.io app, which we recommend, the game will be updated automatically. Download: https://itch.io/app

Manual Download

If you are manually downloading the game, you will need to download the Episode 5 files from the itch.io page, and run the game from the Episode 5 folder. 

 We always recommend doing a full playthrough from the start when you download new files (even if you just skip through), to avoid any potential bugs popping up, since this is an unfinished game. However, that is only recommended and not required. 

 If you have any issues or notice any bugs/typos etc feel free to send them through to us at support@wanderlust-games.com, or if you're a member of our Discord server, you can post them in our #bugs channel.

UPDATE:  Version 5.1 has been uploaded with multiple fixes.


AndromedaSix-5.0-linux.tar.bz2 496 MB
Feb 28, 2021
AndromedaSix-5.0-mac.zip 489 MB
Feb 28, 2021
AndromedaSix-5.0-pc.zip 507 MB
Feb 28, 2021

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hey guys! just passing by to tell you guys how much I love you and your work! the game was, is and always will be a gem <3 A6 is the game that made me sign up for itch io. Cheers to you and thank you for your hard work <3!


I really wish that instead of the chapter names on the saves it had what we named our characters

me too! they are hilarious, but im like which character is this? I've taken to writing down which is which on a sticky note lol


You can rename the page number at the top. I have a page (or 2) for each Traveller/RO.

how do you rename the page numbers? i can't for the life of me figure it out xD


How very dare you.

(2 edits) (+4)

I really love the latest CGs (especially Vexx's and Damon's). Their eyes were just so gentle it felt like they were looking at their most precious person in the world. I was literally swooning (and then immediately crying right after in Vexx's case). Really well done though XD Can't wait for the next episode. Thank you sm dear author.

(1 edit) (+12)

For some reason, this had me laughing so much...

Oh Cal, we know you're a softy deep down under the gruff mean captainy exterior.  Don't think you can error your way out of showing it. xD



(4 edits) (+1)

Ok...real talk. How many Evanescence songs were the programmers listening to while making episode 5? I love the little save file titles...but seriously. lol xD

God, that was awesome. I just finished Damon. Now playing Vexx's route. And I just...I love all the characters. All of them. They are all lovable and precious in every way, and its rare for me to say that because most games I play, I usually have one or two characters I don't like. 

But this game goes into the very small pile of games where I love the entire team. (alongside persona 4) =P

Also, once again my expectations are blown out of the water by a planet. I had Orion in my head as some lifeless, desolate gray planet. Not a gorgeous forest. You guys are awesome at taking tired cliches and flipping them when it comes to locations.

(1 edit) (+7)

thank you for this episode, for all of it, for ALL . OF. IT except you murdered me. I will rain hell fire upon you if he dies you cant give me back my precious carrot head and then do t h is


Well put. Well put. xD




Just finished all the routs (even tho I'll go on Damon's route), and like- xD The ending xd

Very great episode. I did expect this kind of cliffhanger haha (hope it's the right word. I didn't know what it meant in English until now lol)


same im gonna do all of the routes but when the whole game comes out im sticking with damon


This episode was incredible. Vexx broke my heart, even on the Damon path--and I love the emotions you managed to pour into the interactions with Vexx. Hell, I love the emotions in all the routes I've tried.

I love seeing the MC be less useless and able to pick up combat skills fairly quickly (the most believable one is firearms, but I love the up-close combat, too, because it doesn't take much skill to shove a knife in someone''s neck, just good reflexes, a desire to survive, confidence and balls!). Love the romance, too--so far, I've done Damon, Cal, Vexx, June, and Bash.

I hadn't bothered with June before because he seemed too... well, wimpy... but this episode proved that wrong. He's soft, yes, and tortured, but he's not  what I thought he was. I hadn't tried Bash before, either, and that whole route had me giggling. Bash is hilarious, with some hidden layers of depth under there.

I only have two complaints: shooting Vexx is freaking evil (my MC with him is ready to go murder whoever did it) and I discovered the only way to avoid being annoyed by the Alisa and Damon thing (left feeling like my Damon MC is somehow interfering with A/D's true love) is by forcing my MC out of character and choosing Damon when talking to Alisa, even if my MC is meant to be with someone else. It seems crappy, but it works!

BUG ALERT:  Actually, make that three complaints: my game crashes when my MC chooses to bet on Ayame to win the sparring match between her and Vexx. It doesn't do it immediately, it's right after Damon comments how smart the MC is. You can ignore it, but it pops up again two or three screens later. If you want a screencap, I have it and can send it.


Had those same little crashes when betting on Ayame. Game can't handle our stowaway winning a bet it seems. =P

Yeah, June is a teddy bear...but also a bear. I'm excited to play  his route. I just love all the boys so much. <3


imma b honest, this episode really got me in my emotions, more than i expected. it was v well done, though! it was worth the wait, and i enjoyed the extra unraveling of the past as vexx鈥檚 character began to develop. definitely looking forward for the future episodes! thanks again.

also, about that cliffhanger... it HURT


Oh NO.....that cliff hanger.  My HEART.


I was excited and I cried many times during the hour I played this one. But why did you have to make me see that TwT I'll save you, Vexx.

This was definitely action and emotion-packed. It gave me episode 3 vibes but times 10 and it was amazing. I will patiently wait for the rest, but also, I'm kind of impatient because well, cliffhanger.


I'm so thrilled to see you pulled through and posted an update, can't wait to play!! Thank you for all your hard work, devs! we love you 


This chapter was so good, but I have to say to whoever did that at the end.  These hands are rated E for Everyone. Other than that much love.



i was sooo sure ep.5 would end on the literal cliffhanger but the actual ending has me in even more tears than that & I AM NOT OKAY ;; 

samee xD I was sure of that T^T I wonder who did it


I woke up to see this. Thank you for brightening my day.


 i just finished playing all routes i'm dead and i'm not gonna sleep for several hours now thank you

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