Episode 6 Available Now!

Hi everyone! The time has finally come, Episode 6 is now available. 

 A big thank you to those of you who have been patient and supportive of us while waiting for the new Episode. Due to changes in our team over the last year we have gotten a bit smaller, but are still dedicating our time to working on this game that we love 馃殌 

A reminder on how to download the new update:

Itch.io App

If you play A6 through the itch.io app, which we recommend, the game will be updated automatically. Download: https://itch.io/app

Manual Download

If you are manually downloading the game, you will need to download the Episode 6 files from the itch.io page, and run the game from the Episode 6 folder. 

 We always recommend doing a full playthrough from the start when you download new files (even if you just skip through), to avoid any potential bugs popping up, since this is an unfinished game. However, that is only recommended and not required. 

 If you have any issues or notice any bugs/typos etc feel free to send them through to us at support@wanderlust-games.com, or if you're a member of our Discord server, you can post them in the appropriate channels.


AndromedaSix-AndromedaSix6.0-pc.zip 619 MB
May 08, 2022
AndromedaSix-AndromedaSix6.0-mac.zip 584 MB
May 08, 2022
AndromedaSix-AndromedaSix6.0-linux.tar.bz2 591 MB
May 08, 2022

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Just played this chapter to be ready for chapter 7!! I've been following this game for years and still excited to see it reach the end. I'm so excited to still see that you guys are working strong to finish this project. For all the time, I've spent on the game, I would really love to make donation :D How do I reach you guys for that?

is ep 7 available yet ?

No, we're currently working on it.

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for the sake of refresh, I start a new file every time new episode drops, and every time it gets to "He's smiling at me in a way that leaves me unsure if he wants to stabe me or seduce me" I think. "Damon, you only get to stab with one of your implements.  pick one, but remember that chosing the wrong one will get the other cut off" XD


Ryona route is bugged I'm pretty sure. Bedroom scene just doesn't occur.


It鈥檚 a bug. same for Vexx. The Devs are working on fixing it.


Hello I loved the chapter, but I have a problem in the scene where Ryona is outside my room I see her for a second and she disappears, jump to other stage I tried using other dialogues but it is the same result.

She is a wizard and she desapears TT_TT.

happened to me too; it seemed like devs uploaded a new vesion a bit ago because I had to dowload files agan but it keeps skipping to another scene right after the knock on the door. weird.

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For some really weird reason, when I start the game's .exe on this version, all of the buttons are unresponsive, and I literally have to ctrl+alt+delete just to quit out of the game. I tried both .exe's, and I tried running them as administrator - nothing worked. I'll try downloading the game again - fingers crossed.

EDIT: Okay it turns out that saving over the last version made it unresponsive - I unzipped the game into a new folder, transferred the saves from the older version, and it seems all good. Phew.

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Ooo i had that problem too, thanks for the solution. 
Quick question which files did you transfer for the save, because my old game files aren't popping up

I transferred the save folder (from the previous version), which is main game folder > game > saves. Just move that whole saves folder into the newest version's folder in the same place.


I can't download the file. There is no install button 褌.褌

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three things, some have been said but still; 

first: WOAH. W O A H okay that plot twist? wild. 

second: either june takes our friendship as something else throrough the game or there is a bug because I led him zero times (zero choices) and still he acted disappointed/sad/jealous and I'm very confused lol

third: I know there are going to be arcs, I just missed having a bit more of intimacy choices with Vexx in this episode bc the whole thing was intense and boi, we are traumatised. but that's me and my thirst.

thanks for the hard work A6 team!!!

EDIT after update 6.1: bless yall a6 team for the extra time with vexx; I knew I needed it in my life I just didn't know you'd make it so perfect. I'm melting in a puddle of feelings ;;


From what I recall, June likes you right from the start, when you first get on the ship. It doesn't matter if you flirt with him or not, I assume he just has a strong crush, and misinterprets you simply being nice to him as potentially returning his feeling? I'm guessing everyone gets that dialogue and it's not a bug for that reason, but I could be wrong.


it might be honestly, he's always been rly sweet and suportive. dev team just made an update so we'll see (plus ryona's appearing finally)

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The update is heeeeeereeee... Oh man. It's been a while since the last time I pouted this much at being time to sleep. :') The wonders of being a responsible adult haha. I'll reply below with some actual feedback at another time.


So where do you guys want the bug reports?
As of now, at least 2 crew members (Damon and June) are acting like I've been flirting with them, but I've only picked (flirt) options with my main love interest and one other person.

And it seems that Ryona's interaction is bugged after she knocks on our door in her new outfit. It just fades out and skips to "After refueling the ship..."


We're already aware of those bugs and are working on a fix for them, thank you! 

I'm curious, is that bug only with Ryona? I'm on Vexx's romance route and someone knocked on my door and it skipped straight to after refueling to. Is it always Ryona popping in and not a romantic scene with your chosen character? 


It is supposed to be with your romantic interest that you chose. But the bug seems to be with Ryona and Vexx (that I know of so far).

Ok, thank you. I'm ok with waiting for the update to it. But I did want to know who it affected. =)


I'm going to download it nowwwwwwwww!


just finished the chapter. I am in LOVE. The twist at the end made me giggle so hard.

I just managed to update the game via itch.io app :) can't wait to see everyone again, thanks for your hard work!!


The devs are reuploading the episode since there seems to be some troubleshooting :) 


Hey guys I don't see the download button :/ how do I download??

same here, cant download through itchio browser or itchio app



have you solved this problem?(


Having an issue getting the update. I tried updating and it said it was up to date so then I tried uninstalling and now it won't let me do that and gives me a list of errors. It says the "build" property is undefined.

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same :/

i got this too, so i uninstalled and reinstalled which fixed it! doesn't delete anything btw, just make sure you save



Episode 6 is great ! I only played Vexx and Damon for now. But I can't wait to read more with other characters. And the revelation !!! Strangely my MC is only thinking there was a big scheme and was left alone to face everything that happened. I'm really curious to see how it will be developped. Thank you for your hard work !!!!!



Yes! I knew this day would come!

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