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Available now for Windows and Mac. This game is still in development.

Set in the year 3025, you take on the role of a lost traveler. With no memory of your past, you wake up on the starship, Andromeda Six, surrounded by its crew of outcasts, each with their own vivid backstory and one common goal. 

You must try to recover the pieces of your past to uncover your true identity and purpose, while learning to survive the political turmoil overtaking the galaxy after its recent terrorist attacks.

On your journey you may end up discovering more than what you bargained for, but can you handle the truth of your past or will it end up consuming you? Will you follow the destiny the stars have written for you, or forge a new path?

You will have the ability to play as a male, female, or non-binary Traveler, with the option to choose from three different species to play through the game: 

Tilaari - A gentle and intelligent alien race dedicated to their medical studies and nurturing way of life.

Human - The most populous of all species, renowned for their scientific advances and engineering. 

Kitalphan - A humanoid race gifted with the ability to live both on land or water, this unique species easily adapts to their chosen habitat. 

There are seven different romance paths to choose from. With unique endings for each route, all characters are available for all Travelers to romance, but bear in mind that romance is not mandatory on your journey.

Calderon - The stoic and standoffish ex-military commander with a fiery vendetta.
Damon - The cold hearted but charming second-in-command with a sharp tongue.
Juniper - The calm and collected gunman with a gentlemen's demeanor.
Sebastian - The humorous and easygoing engineer with a love of bionics.
Ayame - The bright and no-drama ace pilot and self-proclaimed geek queen.
Ryona - The pure hearted and nurturing medic with a deep-rooted yearning for revenge.
Vexx - The troubled guard from your past with a history that has turned for the worse.

Writer + Programmer | Nadine (Aeriie)
Writer | Stephanie (Steph)
Character Artist | Kristine (Deli)
Design Artist | Adriana (Aria)
Background Artist | Rebecca (Tea)

A6 is still in development, with the initial release set for 23rd November 2019, so come join us as we share concepts and updates with you on this futuristic journey!

Game is currently rated 17+ for mature language, sexual themes, and violence. 

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For bug or other issues, please contact us at support@wanderlust-games.com

Our FAQ can be found on Tumblr.


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I fell in love with Damon and Calderon 馃槱

Love this game so far, I have a question though. I am on Damons route and in the hospital room with Vexx I decided to see what would happen if MC flirted with Vexx in front of Damon and nothing, he just sat there haha. Will reactions to how you speak to Characters in front of others be added? 

All the routes are awesome, but June and Vexx both kind of rip my heart out.  The most recent cliffhanger is just mean. 
Love the character development, the fact that flirt options are clearly labeled is awesome, and the fact that the platonic routes are just as well developed as the romantic ones is amazing.  

i tbh love this so much most visual novels end up being boring and this is tbh the first one ive wanted to play again bto see other rutes 

This game is amazing, nice work! It really got my motivation going too, I made a music soundtrack inspired by the game. If anyone wants to check it out I can hand it over to ya, especially if the creator wants a look. Thanks for making the game I really love it!

Where can we find your soundtrack?

That's what I wanted to ask too xD

This novel was too awesome... I was sincerely blown away. I always wanted to be a lost space princess, lol. Anxiously looking forward to the next episode!

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It's so good I can't stop myself from trying to finish the whole game in one go. I love the characters and the writing. I'm a sucker for tragic stories and the cliffhanger in ep 5 just punched me in the gut. I can't wait to see what the team has in store next for the story. And ngl I figured out where the story was going when we were give the music box (it gave off a very Anastasia vibe) but it was still very enjoyable nonetheless.

I was delighted to see the MC being given the chance to learn some self-defense and broaden their horizons, it makes me look forward for their character development. Would a "fresh start" ending where the MC declines the throne be an option? Because I feel like narrative-wise MC's going to end up ascending the throne. It would be a great story direction to go on and an interesting choice to have. Then again I don't see how it would be possible with the limited choices of successors there is. Unless we go the Alisa route and just abolish the monarchy? LOL vive la resistance

I'm wondering if the flirting options will still have (flirt) attached to it in the final game? Not complaining or anything, just curious. I feel like it takes away some of my immersion while playing -- unless it's intentional? I don't mind it either way. Also I noticed some typos in the early sections of the game, I forgot where it was and didn't think to screenshot it though.

Definitely looking forward for more of this game!!!

Been having a blast so far, all the LI are so sweet and charming! I've been really enjoying the story, keep up the great work!!

I absolutely can't wait, am super excited for Episode 6 :) I hope it comes soon but understand that these things take time.

I played star-crossed lovers dlc first and then played the main game. A bit of repetitive dialog (that lower lip biting....;D ), gets a bit boring without some meat showing!

it still hurts sm

started playing different routes months after doing Damon and I'm loving Cal ! When is ep6 btw ?

once again i love damon reznor

i've always. always putting this up for later, waiting for the complete version but i can't  resist the temptation and I'M SO GLAD FOR IT. gosh, i love the character dynamic so much, i'm giggling like crazy at 3 am for the interactions alone! love this a lot!

im commenting once again just to say how EMOTIONALLY ATTATCHED I AM TO MF june ohhh my god

Usually, I don't play games that are still in development, since I fear for them to be abandoned. But this game looked so interesting, I had to give it a try. And really, I just wish I had done it sooner!! 

The art is beautiful and the story is super intriguing. I love all the characters (especially June), they are complex and have interesting backstories. And even though sci-fi isn't my favorite genre, your game made me see the appeal; I will be totally buying it when it's finished!!

I made an account specifically to share my praise for this game. IT'S SO GOOD!!! Every character is so dynamic and loveable in their own way. I cried so many times because of just how incredible the storytelling and the way that realistic emotions are portrayed. This is definitely one of- if not THE best vns I have ever played.

I am very much looking forward to chapter 6.

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i didnt expect to cry so damn hard when damon apologized. i was handling it so well, but he just had to fix that damn music box, and all that jealousy from alisa finally bursted and i just couldnt stop the tears. 10/10 would play just to cry again. also fuck, i was hatin so hard on vexx but i after talkin with him, i slowly started to get a soft spot for him. sigh. guess its time for my second playthrough and probably wont be the last

edit: i just did a wheel of ro path roulette and the wheel really want me go through damon's path again. sigh. guess the wheel wants to see me cry again.

Same, honestly God, pls i love him so much i was so sad too when Damon don't hesitate to sell me off but then he freakin made me cryyy

Sorry for the nowhere comment there, i really agree with yours 馃槱


Huhuhuhu no android.馃槩

I love this so much, I'm emotionally attached to the characters. This is well-written and everything are visually appealing. By the way I'm wondering how do I update when Episode 6 arrived? Thank you! More power! 

hihi absolutely in love this game but  when i updated it, my saved progresses all disappeared and i've just been meaning to ask if there's a way to fix it? can someone help? thanks in advance, much love <3

(1 edit)

I'm not really sure about this but I think it's the saves log (or smthg like that, I don't know how to call it exactly haha). I mean, did you delete the first version you've been playing then downloaded the updated zip version? 

 actually, wait, do you use desktop or cp? >> 

 I also think that if the saves log is the problem, with it all gone, I'm afraid it can't be retrieved. 

I'm only speaking base on my theory and small knowledge about exported game files, so I don't know if this will really be of help.

Save Folder

the folder for saves should contain smthg like this, if it's empty then yey everything is screwed '-' hope that you'll soon retrieve the files if it was only a bug :))

[to see the folder I attached as an image just right-click the andromeda six shortcut then tap locate game files after that go through the games folder and you'll see the saves folder (ofc click it to see the content lolll).]

hihi so im just using a regular macbook air laptop and i didnt delete the first version, the game kinda just told me to update it so i did?     ill just wait and see 4 the next update. thanks a bunch!!

(2 edits)

Hey can someone help me? I can't figure out how to get access to Ep 6 of this game and I'd be grateful if someone could explain it to me.

Edit : I am so sorry, i didnt know it was still being edited and in the making, pls excuse me 

I love this game so, so much. Thank you for all of your hard work, your incredible characters, amazing story, and immersive world. The fact that it's free means so much to me and I really needed the escapism that you provided so thank you!

OMG. I'm loving this game so much. I can't remember the last time I got so immerse in a game. Thank you. Loving Damon and Vexx so much!!

I've played this game all of today, and I cannot explain how much I've fallen in love with it. I cannot wait for episode 6, and I'm likely going to go back to hopefully unlock all of the gallery pictures for Ryona's route. Thank you so much for this amazing game.

Wanted to ask though, because I'm having trouble unlocking the last two gallery pictures within Ryona's route, and I'm assuming that they're in chronological order.  Any tips on how to unlock them?

I thought those were just place holders for future CGs? I dont have anybodys full CG pages unlocked, do you? ;-; Or are you only playing Ryonas route?

oh thank you! i've tried out other routes and they all have a few ones that aren't unlocked. so i appreciate it, you're definitely right about this!

Still freaking out about that cliffhanger ;-;

Thank you for creating such an amazing game, I'm honestly stunned at how much I ended up loving this, despite never having dabbled much in sci-fi before. Everything is just so solid!!
And also, wow. Kudos for writing dialogue and flirting that somehow made me blush as if I were back in high school :D 
((Just purchased both DLC, I'm eager to play them after work!))

im not still crying about the cliffhanger you are.

This game is !!! I've been following it since Episode 3 and it gets me every time. The dialogue is so well-written and the characters are so hot and sexy *fans self* I can't even--

The choices!!! Are so hard!!! Which makes them good choices!!! I love the ability you have to flirt/pursue just about any character in the game, they drive me mad. Damon drives me mad. The amount of emotions this game makes me feel just--

And the story!!! I love the development we get to the story in every episode. There's always something new to be learned. And it's nice how the amnesia at the beginning isn't permanent! The lack of memories allows you to get to know the MC and settle into their character, but the addition of them later really adds to the story and allows us to explore the past. Stories are not closed books! They have a prior and a future! This game is really good at including the past as a part of the story, especially with Vexx hHHHhhhHHHmn Vexx my poor baby.

Currently, I'm failing at discouraging myself from buying the DLCs to hang with Oppo and to dig into the characters one-by-one GOSH I want to squeeze Damon's story out of him like an orange I'm sorry but it's true. Gib gib gib.

The rollback option is very helpful! It makes it easier to check dialogue you might have missed or change choices that you change your mind about shortly after making them. Or catch CGs! I have no idea how difficult that was to add into the game, but COOL and THANKS!!! The UI is great, I always have fun navigating around the menu even when I'm just checking my CGs lololol. 

The art!!! Is so clean!!! And so pretty!!! The sprites and the CGs are so CRISP and CLEAN I want to EAT IT. Please tell your artist that they are an amazing person and I want to buy them chocolate pretzels. 

Also I want to buy the OST!!!!! The music is so pretty, and really accents the game even though sometimes the sudden change (like with *spoiler* when Vexx was breaking down in the mine and the music hurt so much and then it changed to mission action and that was kinda distracting but THE TRACKS ARE GREAT.)

The reason I'm writing a review now instead of earlier or later is because yesterday I noticed a BG bug/mistake idk in the new episode (4 or 5 or 6 idk i can't remember numbers, the latest one right now) When MC is in space, preparing for combat training after you've selected your style, the bedroom BG has Christmas lights on/over the bed (Which I thought was ADORABLE). But the next time you're in MC's bedroom, brushing up on Orion before you land, they're gone!!! Bash's drawings and the cute mug are still there, but the Christmas lights are gone. The bed was made too, but I understand how that could change. Christmas lights aren't typically super easy to move, so I figured that must have been a mistake. They're back in the next room BG when A6 has landed on Orion and you're preparing for the Mission That Rips Your Heart Out. (I HATE you guys for that episode cliffhanger /hj) I noticed in the changelog that you guys take the time to fix typos and stuff, very meticulous (thank you I love you guys this game is amazing thank you for all you've done) so I figured you'd want to know about this!

Thanks so much for the butterflies, heart attacks, and heartache!!!! I'm So along for the ride for the rest of A6, it's made me cry like twice already. 

Love, Lostin.

Ps. I can't include the second screencap but here is the one where the lights are missing!

Found a gem :) I really get the feeling that this game is improving, if not well-designed at the beginning. I love how episode 4 and 5 lets the player decide how MC's personality changes, compared to episode 1-3, the MC feels less stiff (no offense) and more real, more mature, and they actually becomes better from the experience. 

The LIs are already well-written, and I especially like how episode 4 and 5 reveal the truth and backstory about the disputed content and certain characters, such as Damon and Vexx. (and man do I love their lines XD

And the save names. They actually made me consider saving on every change just to see all of them (stop brain you're not doing that!) like when you choose to kiss your LI or not after being pulled out from the hole, the save names are different. Vexx's had me laughing, and I somehow sang Calderon's "I knew you were trouble when you walked innnn" out loud XD

After that...the cliffhanger UGRH(mentally crying) so I'm more eager to see episode 6 than should be qvq. Really, but take your time finishing it :)

Will A6 ever go on Steam? Just curious if y'all are going that route.

"We have no plans for that at the moment, but it may be something we look into once the game is complete."

Found this on their FAQ (its linked on this page) <3

I believe they just set up a steam account recently. Wanted to let you know in case you missed it.

I love the writing style of this VN, as well as the immersive storyline and the vast array of choices. Kudos to the writer(s) and can't wait for the next episode!

So i checked your FAQ and i didnt see anything about this.

I wanted to ask if i've already paid (the optional payment on this page) for the game will i have to pay for it again when its released?

Thanks in advance!

I give this game a 10/10, I just love everything about it! I completed Damon's route (while kinda being on Bash, Vexx, and Aya's routes-) and I enjoyed it! Later I noticed the scene names and it just made everything way better. But the cliffhanger was very messed up >:C

dude, y'all are killing me with the scene names! "NOT MY GUMDROP BUTTONS" where else would I look for shrek 2 quotes but the visual romance novel I'm currently obsessed with lmao.

Damon will forever have my heart but Vexx is a close second. I absolutely adore all the characters and their story lines. Anyone have an idea how much the game will be once it isn't free anymore? <3

Glad to hear you're enjoying the game! We haven't settled on a final price yet, that won't be decided until later on in the development process.

I am so in love with this!! Calderon has my heart  hehehe <3 I'm so excited for episode 6 :)

god vexx is so sexy help

I have 3 playthroughs with the different races and my favourite guys ready and waiting to see what happens next :3 I'm so excited for episode 6

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